Friday, March 27, 2009

To all the CHIN lovers

Everything that began had to end but at the tender age of 27.

YA.CHIN committed suicide in the year 2030.

Her suicide note:

Since, All greats die at the age of 27.

JANIS JOPLIN Died October 4th, 1970
JIM MORRISON died July 3rd, 1971
JIMMY HENDRIX died September 18th, 1970
KURT COBAIN died April 5th, 1994

I was standing all along the watch tower.
then I found my stairway to heaven.I m taking it.
I leave away the piece of my heart.
All apologies for that.

She was so muddled into rock music and ya we are yet to discover her greatness.
I felt


Zlaek said...

Yes, I love CHIN :D

You killed the poor thing...
and invented the suicide note :'(

PS: I dont know ANY of those 'great people'. Ignorance :((

Vikas Chandra said...

@chinmayee: hey I just followed the law of nature. the law of mortality.
and at your age all I knew was BSB,westlife,bryan adams and some really pop stuff. U will also know abt these great people thru age, kiddo!