Monday, April 20, 2009

The Crap Couple

There was this-crap guy..who talked nothing but crap(bakwaas in hindi) and then there was this girl who also talked nothing but crap.

They were the only two people in the world whose lives were untouched by the financial recession.They considered money as their biggest competitor and they always said there's no bigger crap than money. So they rejoiced the downfall of their competitor. They thanked their friends(read-MBAs) who helped them in such a downfall and even asked them to form a cartel.A cartel of gassing(another term for crap).

But then, they had their own world of pot,alcohol,coke,brown sugar,hash, etcetera.

One day their worlds collided and they met in a mall. They were the only two people smiling in the mall apart from the popcorn sellers at the multiplex(gawd they earn so much).

They had the aura around them and the people feared them.They cud mock at anybody and laugh at them.In short they were two crazy people untarnished.

Now when they met it was like a lightning and then they talked and gibbered and no one understood.

It was like Emily Bronte met Mario Puzo.

The king of crap and the queen of crap then finally did something. All around people cud hear that sound but still they cudn't see wat happened because of the blazing light coming from the two.

Later they knew they slapped each other for not having met before.

watta crap!!!

PS: I m really sorry to two legends-Emily Bronte and Mario Puzo for dragging them into such a cess-pool(my blog).
I felt


Tanu Gupta said...

What crap???

Ved said...


Vikas Chandra said...

@both: wasn't the post meant 2 B that?

Jyoti said...

Dude. You are some sort of a special child.

Once i finished reading this post, i kept starting at that last full stop. And i was like-- How can someone even think of crap like this?

commendable indeed.