Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reviews:Autobiography of an unknown girl

Note: Before reading this .please read the original post "Autobiography of an unknown girl"

Hi, this is not CHIN but myself who messed it up in the last post. I haven't got such wildest of reviews for any of my other posts and hence the autobiography of an unknown girl is special to me.
Actually I should have limited it to being a biography but I wanted to say it in a words of a 6 year old girl and hence messed it up.

I wanted to convey so many things and also didn't want to bore the readers with a long one. Hence messed it up.

I wanted to talk about Indian cricket craze. The poor sex ratio.the quacks. but most important the education scene where the moral education class is not wat it supposed to be.Hence too many in one messed it up.

The style of writing was too casual and seemed only a drunkard cud write this.
Anyway the best part I wud like to post some of the reviews here::

Ved(IIMK):i din understd the twice.. :( how is it related to sachin n cricket?

Tanu(IIMK): oye...its as outrageous as possible..i mean, wt is that....kitne peg ke baad likha tha??....actually the effect that you are trying to achieve is not coming...see, you this style is hard to get, especially teh efeect that this kind of stories, practise

Utkarsh(ISM):it was down to earth and true..better than criticising the education system with heaviest of words.

pYrO(ISM): ye baat kuch hajam nahi hui ...kya convey karna chahte ho??..ek point hai the pathetic sex ratio in india.but wat is the main point?

Anurag(ISM): sahi to last waaala...nice conflict..fiction par kood gaye...booker leye ke maanoge kaa vikas babu.

nP(ISM) :i don't get it. what i being told ? does generate a flow anyhow. hoping to see more of it, where does CHIN land up the way, was it an Autobiography, or a Biography told in first person ?

Chinmayee(Singhania school): These words sound like they belong to an artist. It's one of the most uncomfortably touching piece i've read. Whenever something touches you truly, you want to embrace it... but thats not the case here. There's got to be something more to this... Something I don't know of........

Siddharth(ISM): bhai......pahli baar mein to everything went above my head..........bahut ooocha sochta hai yaar.......lekin yeh sirf darooo k baad hi kyun???

nihit(ISM): its out of human league to comprehend..i guess

So, U understand how dear the post has become to me. I enjoyed writing it more than anything.

Thanks all.Love U.Your reviews have made it much more meaningful.
and ya I am no artist but a messed up,intoxicated person who just tries too many things and also nearly screws up with most of them.But i love this -LIVING on the EDGE thing.
I felt


Ved said...

excellent.. they way u changed a confused post into a decent one (by those comments)!!!

nP said...

if it would have been in my powers, i'd have given you a Booker for this one. For the time being, all i have to bestow is a kiss...


Vikas Chandra said...

@ved: Cut the crap short and say that I covered my shit well.

@nP: its gud that u dont have powers atleast bookers wud be so under-rated then.
For the tym being..MUAAAHHH