Sunday, March 1, 2009

Three Friends

There were three friends named 'mypast' , 'mypresent' and 'myfuture'..the relationship amongst them can be eulogized as frenship but they were all on fighting terms...All wanted to prove that they were superior to others and in no way their vendetta for each other was a healthy one..They were also called the Three Musketeers not after the book but because their frens were devout fans of Danny Boyle.

They were of 3 different generations...however their birthdays were the same..'Mypresent' was the most emotional of them...and 'mypast' and 'myfuture' were most of the tym successful in either scaring 'mypresent' or tickling him. but the two were aware that the two were dependent on 'mypresent'..If 'mypresent' died..all died.

Now a piece of their conversation(brawl).

'Mypast': I am the best of U..I played for U - the cricket with one tip one hand rule..I am the proof how U bunked classes.How foolish a toddler U were,how stupid an a child and how dud an adolescent.I remind U how U guys boozed first...I remind U of that football on the roof and how U always watched Shawshank Redemption umpteen number of times with the same passion...

'Myfuture': I amused U the most..How U dream of dating the most beautiful girl..How U dream of owning a U hope of sitting in the emirates and drinking in the arsenal pub..I have the power of taking U to the biggest of heights and the kiss the most beautiful of the girls in the world.Thats me--'myfuture'.

'Mypresent' sat in the corner smiling,smirking .Then he had a gulp of the chilled Corona beer and said---" Guys get a break I m gonna pee". The rest two Muskeeters followed!!!

-------------------------------Thank You------------------------

PS- this piece is an outcome of few pints of beer(an excuse for the shit I wrote!!)
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ved said...

dis stuff is jus awesome...u rock with ur sense of humor!!! keep it up buddy...

Zlaek said...

There are simple concepts in life... We think about them, and then we forget.
So eventually we end up not acting the way we want to..
All about maturity I guess.....the number of times we get the reality check...that kick in the face--

Good write up. Though the style is disturbingly casual for such a choice of subject. Would love to see something written more seriously...with more careful choice of words.

Loved the lines spoken by Mypast and Myfuture....reminds me of how attached we all are, to them.

Vikas Chandra said...

@ved:: U always pamper me with ur praises and I end up writing these inebriated posts... I wud say to the least-Be honest even in ur reviews!!

@Zlaek- Sorry for the 'disturbingly casual' style of the post. courtesy:the state(drunk) I was in writing while writing the post..
The problem is U r expecting too much outta me--'something written seriously'..i wud try this for sure as nothing is impossible

Zlaek said...

by "written more seriously", i meant... your choice of subject was impressive, so was the content-- only it wasn't treated as beautifully as it could have been. And therefore, the expectation.

Anonymous said...

nice one...
found ur "present" kinda compliacted though :P needs to figure things out about himself.

Sanjeev Kumar Dangi said...

This one is surely funny. Sometimes we think too much about past and future. Result is that we are confused totally and get nothing out of it.