Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fourteenth of February 2009

Its valentines day and everything's same except that I resorted to make the day different by listening to love songs only and watching two or three romantic movies..Atleast it wud keep me abreast with wat love is!!!!

The day was different in the sort that the messages I received in the morning were not the usual academic messages(like when's marketing class) ..... Some messages made me realise that I was single(just as my status at Orkut even states).

Valentines day is a day just for a specific section of society---committed,married,gays,lesbians,bisexuals,dreamers,fanatsizers...thats how they have limited love today.Sorry i forgot the day is for another section of people too--the diseased RAM SENA sort.
Quoting Arindhati Roy- "when U define love U limit it" for my love to frens shud be defined on frenship day.DAD on fathers day. and my mom on mothers day and I donno when wud they have a laptop day(because I m now obsessed to my materialistic laptop for it gives me a virtual world of my own).

Oh please dont use that word again--critic..for U always come up with that sick cliche of yours--that i always knew the price of everything and value of none...but I know the value of my laptop ..thats wats going to bring change in my lyf today with some romantic songs in the air and perhaps a romantic flick....See how easy it is to be a self-proclaimed loser!!!
I felt


Tanu Gupta said...

Small you celebrate your birthday?

if yes, are you limiting your life by doing so?

see, celebrating these days is just a way to say/do/appreciate things which we sometimes overlook in daily life.

Vikas Chandra said...

@tanu: gud question..because it added to my umpteen of the reasons why not to celebrate one's birthday!!
Ya i agree to the point that we have become so busy that we tend to forget the love showered to us by our mom,dad,frends etc...thats why people celebrate mom's day,dad's day and frendship day..come on yaar how can u overlook things whuch U ought not!!

sKare cRo said...

VC you might have umpteen reason not to celebrate your birthday but I am sure...being a miser is definitely one on top

~still waiting for those elusive birthday treats

Tanu Gupta said...

Suppose your parents bought you a cycle when you came first, will that mean they don't love/cherish you all the time, only because the time they chose to show it was an event of sorts?

And who is stopping you from loving/cherishing people in your life everyday.

and i know it sounds superficial and not natural, and its okay to be a little wary of all this, but it is really not that evil :)

Vikas Chandra said...

@tanu--u misquoting me dear...I am neva against that showing acts of love by the loved ones(for I receive loads of gifts..although nevaa came first)...comeon yaar..

I m all against is--limiting love to mere one day---like one day for day for mom..etc..

@sajal-ha ha U funny!! suddenly IIMC is doing gud to U..specially the sense of humor part!!