Saturday, November 29, 2008


"8866"::R u drunk..u sounding high.
"8818":Buddy these days I dont need alcohol to be high.Memories are enuf!!

I dont know how the above lines sound here..but it meant a lot to me on a day when everything seemed to be intoxicated by nostalgia, muddled by emotions,captivated by friendship and above all stimulated by that galvanised feeling of belongingness..

There are times when U talk to people and U just like to listen to them because this time its not that usual "U r the baap" talks but something nurtured by the bond of being together for some great moments...The talks more a like revolve around "I am happy I was there" or "I wish we create those magic moments again"...

There are certain things U always feel but not mention..But when U speak them out U feel good...That sense of relief..

There are certain times U wanna cry..Cry over trivial things..Cry over petty songs or cry over simple reminiscences which makes U relate to certain happy past and then u start linking......links continue and continue..and U dont want that chain that to end...But they say certain reactions are ephemeral!!!

Lives do change(and change it must) and U cant just sit and u cant just plainly live the tough life ahead thru those memories..They come handy when U feel alone and bogged down....It feels great to read thru those "I will always remember .." moments but life has to advance...U got to reach a stage where people are curious what went into making of U...

I felt


quaintkal said...

beautifully put...esp ths line
'U got to reach a stage where people are curious what went into making of U...'

Vikas Chandra said...

@quaintkal: I donno how much of this post u cud gather because i wrote this post for my frens whom I was terribly missing.
But yaa I wud love to reach a stage where people like to know wat went into making of me.

Shubhendu Bhardwaj said...

it was an overwhelming blog ...
we feel this, because its not there anymore..

but last lines are really awesome-- "U got to reach a stage where people are curious what went into making of U..."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you have