Wednesday, May 6, 2015


A couple after getting married in Mumbai realised that they suffered a curse where they could not love each other at the same time. The wife could love husband for 12 hours while the husband could love the wife for the remaining 12 hours. They were deeply bothered for their love was not mutual at any particular instant of time.

When they googled and found that several couples in India had suffered same problem. And few of them could get it resolved through a Baba sitting in Himalayas. The couple immediately rushed to Himalayas to meet the Baba. The Baba asked certain questions and diagnosed that this was a curse given by an ex-lover of the wife. The wife after a quick thinking decided that it must have been Ravi. Ravi had loved her a lot and had also got a tattoo of her name in his arm. Baba told them to get Ravi to him and then he would suggest a cure for it.

The couple rushed to Delhi where Ravi lived and Ravi was happy to see the girl he had deeply loved. The three traveled to Himalayas where Baba suggested that if the wife kissed Ravi, the curse would vanish and couple could love each other for full 24 hours. The couple had a long discussion where wife convinced the reluctant husband that it was a one time pain for a long time gain. The husband, with a deep sadness, allowed the wife to kiss Ravi.

Post the Himalayan kiss, the couple left for Mumbai happily, but they realised that the Baba's cure had worked but only for 4 hours. They still could not love each other for 20 hours at the same time. They waited for some time and again rushed to Baba. Baba suggested that the wife had not kissed Ravi properly. Ravi was called again and after a long debate between wife and husband, husband allowed his wife to kiss Ravi. Afterall, it was a one time pain for a long time gain. After a long kiss, the couple went back to Mumabi and realised that the curse had gone off only for 10 hours (still 14 hours were not mutual). Again they went to Baba and Ravi was called and long kiss happened after the debate. It was only after three intimate kisses, the curse went off for 24 hours.

But while in Mumbai, the wife realised that Ravi was a much better kisser than her husband. Probably he was a better lover too. She started exchanging whatsapp messages with Ravi and more she tried to know Ravi, more she regretted of having rejected Ravi. Ravi was also happy to interact with his old love. Slowly the whatsapp exchanges grew and phone calls also increased. It was then Ravi started visiting Mumbai often and met his ex-lover. The affair started and they were convinced that they were in love with each other. Finally, one day the wife told the husband about her love for Ravi and asked for divorce so that she could marry Ravi. The husband was devastated for he loved his wife a lot. But he had no other choice but to divorce his wife.

After the divorce, Ravi married his ex-lover and the wife became his wife. But then after the marriage, they realised that they could not love each other at the same time. The same 12 hour curse curse had now hit Ravi and wife. Both ran to the baba and baba told that someone had cursed them. It was the husband. Finally husband was called and he was asked to kiss. Same story of Ravi and wife repeated between husband and wife. And after 3 rounds of kissing, the curse went off and wife shifted to Delhi. But then the wife realised that the husband was a better kisser.  She started exchanging whatsapp messages with her ex-husband.  Finally the same process of whatsapp-phonecall-meetings-divorce-curse-baba-kisses-marriage happened between husband and wife.

The life of the wife juggled between Delhi and Mumbai, between Ravi and husband. It was only  that the kissing in the Himalayas, facilitated by the Baba, which proved to be a rare brief crack of light in her life while she juggled between curses.

“The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness"- Nabokov, Speak Memory

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Hahahaha I missed your posts Vikas, and this one came at a very good moment. Hugs.
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