Sunday, March 29, 2015

The fall and the rise

Part 1: The fall
He prepared very hard for this interview, mugged up even the last 3 years profit margins of his dream company, researched on the interviewer's LinkedIN profile, dressed up in his lucky suit. 
He was doing well in his interview, solving all the cases, answering about how-he-will-change-the-world and failures-that-taught-him-a-lot. But then alas, something happened. The interviewer who was arrogantly swiveling on his chair fell. The interviewer's fall was so comic, that he could not help but chuckle. But soon he gathered that it was his interview and thus he rushed to help the interviewer get up.
Obviously, he was not selected for the job because the interviewer did not want someone in his office who reminded him of his ludicrous fall....

Part 2: The rise
His college time ex-girlfriend went on to become an internet obsession after she wrote an article titled '10 best guys I slept with'. This article was seen as the rise of a feminist movement where Indian girls could speak freely about their sexual encounters. She had mentioned him at the number one rank (the best guy she slept with) and had been very explicit in her description (she needed to justify why was he best). 

His wife got this article forwarded to her from her colleague, packaged with a sarcastic comment that she was a lucky woman. The wife choked reading the article and could not read ahead of the midway as everything was so explicitly written.

The husband also got to know about the article from a colleague. He read the article but found his past too explicit for his taste. He even contemplated taking the girl to the court but feared due to the number of retweets and number of likes  the article had got. The world was praising the rise of new bold womanhood who talked about her experiences so openly....
I felt