Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wrong love vs Right love

Dear students,

Welcome to the new lecture. The topic is a very interesting one. Today we talk about 'wrong love vs right love'. I will try to keep it very simple and crisp, but a lot of homework has to be done post the lecture for a better understanding. So lets start.

Two right people say A and B and two wrong people say X and Y were in love with each other. By right and wrong, I mean A and B were perfectly right for each other and X and Y were perfectly wrong for each other. When A and B walked together, everyone said ,'look-at-them-don't-they-look-cute-together'. When X and Y walked together, friends of  X would say, 'seriously-out-of-all-people-that-girl' and friends of Y would, 'please-leave-that-guy'. When A and B  posted their selfie together on facebook, they would get 500+ likes while X and Y would get less than 5 likes.

Now let us understand this numerically:
Let us assume that aura is a function which tells us about perfectness of two people (one relative to another) and also maximum aura score, one can get is 6. Since, in the above case, A and B are about good together. So let us safely assume aura(A,B)=5 because the highest score ever received in history of mankind is that of aura(Lord Rama, Goddess Sita) was 6. Also let us assume, for our ease of understanding, that perfectness of A to B is same as B to A, so aura (B,A) = 5. See, all of this is an assumption because aura(A,B) need not be equal to aura(B,A).

Now love is nothing but a multiplication of two auras.We will use a function love to show love between A and B .
So, love (A and B)= aura(A,B) * aura (B,A)
       love(A and B) = 5 * 5 = 25
(You could easily understand that love between Lord Ram and Goddess Sita was 36 (6*6), yes you have got it right, this score is nothing but the 'guna' score told by an astrologer who does kundali matching before hindu marriages.)

Anyways, now let us understand the love between X and Y. Since theirs is a wrong love, assume aura(X,Y)= -5 and also aura(Y,X)= -5.
So love (X and Y) = -5*-5 = 25

Now, as you can see in both the above cases, the destination of their love was +25, but the journey  A and B took was +5 to +25 (20 steps) and X and Y took was -5 to +25 (30 steps).

Haha. So hope you have understood some basic concepts of love here. I know its not that simple, but you have to start somewhere.

 Now go back and think about these questions and come with some replies.

1. What happens in unrequited love? (Hint: the journey of one of them is longest  in the same)
2.  The aura of Nowhere Man with everyone is zero. Does that mean he is incapable of love or capable of impossible love?

See you in next class. The suggested reading with this lecture is Difficult Loves by Italo Calvino.

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dream weaver said...

you have a knack...

Minona said...

You really like homeworks, don't you, teacher?
Intetesting lecture, I'll share it and see if my mates from upper grades or at least those who are in Love can help me ;)
See you in our next clases!

- Prakriti.

Monica Sood said...

Just stumbled upon your blog.. Interesting piece of writing. :) As if the idea of love wasn't complicated enough to bring in mathematics as well! :D