Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kundera, a consultant, Friday and an ideal girl!!

My friend stores in his cellphone only the photographs of his ex-girlfriends. And of only those girls who were externally beautiful (I can't comment on the internal beauty because I am not aware of it).By externally beautiful I mean they had nice features, large eyes, pointed nose, pouted lips, thin-long neck,good jawline etc.
And every time he met a new girl he showed them the same photos of all his ex-girlfriends. I asked him why did he do it? Why did he show those pics to those beautiful girls. Every time he had the same reply that " You fool, Kundera says that girls don't go for guys who are handsome instead they go for guys who once had beautiful women!!"

I miss my school days- and the part which I miss as well as silently laugh about was being a proud love consultant ..Probably thats wat comes easy to each one of us- love consulting, solving (or further-complicating) friend's love issues (however we may suck when it comes to consulting our own love issues)...And due to absence of phones and e-mails, love letter writing was an integral part of consulting... I, like an adept love consultant, used to imbibe the likes and dislikes of my client's girlfriend in the long letters... If she liked DDLJ i made sure to include quotes like "bade bade sheher mein chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain" or if she had finer tastes like Casablanca I ensured quotes like " Here's looking at you, kid".

But one day, one of my naive friends did not understand the importance of my role (that of a love consultant) and he wrote a letter by himself and that too without consulting me..He pushed down his choice of Titanic down his girlfriend's neck by addressing her Rose..and then and there the "love" ended in a fiasco!!

Thanks to the corporate life,some people have stopped seeking money or happiness or love or peace or truth..In longer run they might seek anything, but in a shorter time span, they all seek is a Friday evening...Some of them even orgasm at the idea of a Friday evening..If u ask a person abt his short term goals he will pop up the same crap of wanting to go up the corporate ladder by contributing to the organisation but trust me all he will seek is a Friday evening when he can actually go and relish a perpetual escape of Fable, Art, God, Socialism, Immortality, Alcohol, Love....

Few days back I had blogged about my ideal girl..But that was more in a lighter vein or to say that was meant to be relished by a different target group.
But now the places have changed, I have lost so much and gained so perception about an ideal girl has "evolved" to wat Kundera describes about Eva:
"Eva is a cheerful man-chaser. But she doesn't chase them to marry them. She chases them the way men chase women.Not love but only friendship and sensuality exist for her. So she has many friends: men r not afraid she wants to marry them, and women have no fear she is seeking them to deprive them of a husband. Besides if she ever married her husband would be a friend she would allow everything to and demand nothing from."

I felt


Zlaek said...

Love the corporate life bit!

Yuvika said...

aah corporate life hit your vocation real bad! i like ur posts!

nj said...

I think, in my last comment, you may have missed a subtle thing, a deliberate mistake; which I will correct here -

Chetan Bhagat:fresh-outta-high-school ::You:me

P.C. You know why CB ;)

Vikas Chandra said...

@chinmayee- yeah!! really??..i thought that was the worst part of the blog..

@Yuvika- thanks yuvika..u have been a constant motivation!!

@nJ: i cud not get wat u mean..but yeah i dont like chetan bhagat and any analogy to him seems like crap to me!

Anonymous said...

//You fool, Kundera says that girls don't go for guys who are handsome instead they go for guys who once had beautiful women!!//

Wrong :| and your concept of Eva is a fantasy ! :D

I also, do fantasize my Adam, to boost my morale :D It's good once in a while, but reality is different.

Anyways, Keep writing ! :)

bondgal_rulz said...

I'm loving the new light tone of your posts :)