Monday, October 19, 2009

My ideal girl..

***This post contains some explicit words.

She should be a girl from the Indian villages who:

1. who'd wear a red lipstick n funny heels on our honeymoon in ooty.

2.and she'd be holdin on to my shirt the whole time.

3.yaa n wen i go for office then she will touch my feet n do the whole "mera pati mera bhagwaan" nautanki n pack aloo ki sabzi for me

4.she wont even take my name and wen i wud b in office then she will sit in the drawing room n read books like " learn angrezi in 10 days".

5. n then one night the poor lil thing will try her best to seduce me n wear sexy lingrie n be like "lets have saxxxx".

6. To spice up my bland saaaxxx life I might as well be havin an affair wid the office secretary

7.she will get better but till then half of my hair will be gone.
PS: All above are the statements coming from devilish mind of Sapna Dandona(name changed).Thanx Sapna for helping me visualise my bright future.
PPS: I dont mean to offend anyone here and I also don't intend to be a chauvinist.
I felt


thakur said...


Anonymous said...

u forgot to mention the part whr u'd be soo powerfully repelled that u wudnt mind turning into a

sapna dandona (name changed ofcourse :P )

mikimbizi said...

You forgot to mention her packing your suitcase with mothball smelling towels and elaborate snacks for your overnight 'business trips' hahhahaa

Vikas Chandra said...

@thakur: tu sach mein ram hai
@anonymous:yeah homo with the pizza guy...but u knew i wudnot put that
@mikim:hahaha i skipped that..later i m getting much more ideas to wat she wud do..

swati said...

Wish you good luck for your bright future man..hope u find your Ideal girl soon :)

bondgal_rulz said...

And and she'll wave to you every morning when you leave for office till she loses sight of you.

And of course call you every hour asking about your well-being, your work (which she does not understand) and what to cook for dinner.

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Well i think every guy in 90's used to think of his ideal girl like this...m quite sure...

Par meri ideal gal tumhare ideal gal se bahut alag hai..Damn sure... :)

jus kidding..

Your other blog with B?W pictures is very nice...wish i could take pictures like that :)

See you around :)

Vikas Chandra said...

@swati:oh thank u!

@bondgal:hahahaha i will insisit for a kiss but whe wud restrict to a gud bye wave!

@mahesh: yaar, tujhe teri ideal girl mil jaaye..but obviously i dont want the one i mentioned in this post.
thanx for showering such praises

Vagabond said...

do guys actually want that??
i remember a cousin saying that out loud to his mom,

i want a girl from the interiors of Gujarat, with half her face under cover


=D besides you being a swine there (kidding), it was funny =P

Anonymous said...

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Nj said...

yaar you are good.... I will give an analogy

fresh-outta-high-school:Chetan Bhagat ::us:you

Anonymous said...