Monday, October 5, 2009

The girl, the hope and the retrospection

Given a wish, I wud like to eradicate poverty..Not that I am any guy who is all for charity but yes some-times(rather many times) I see poverty and it bugs me..

I will tell you about this little girl who is from my home town. This girl taught me that hope was the greatest thing which keeps u alive. Her father does not work and mother cleans utensils in our nearby. I asked this girl wat she wanted to be.... This girl just wanted to be rich.. She said-" I study and thats why one day I will b rich".(I am going home this december and wud add the pic of the girl to the post).

I like going back to my hometown and see wats my roots are..I have been a hosteler since I was 8 year old..I hated it then because we have 4 hour electricity and only doordarshan in TV..There were times i wanted to run away. But now I vie to be there..I love to sit on the roof and observe or read or retrospect.. I remember going to my boarding school and not being able to be a part of discussion about serials on Sony or Zee.

Anyways things are improving in my home-town..Now schools are there..The government has allowed free cycles to girls who go to school and the parents see some compensation in sending there child to school..But there are miles to go....

Anyways this post of mine was not written nonchalantly!!
I felt


M@ria said...

Isnt it strange that many times we long to go back to things and places from where we have escaped/run away from :)

Anyway...Well, its good to see India changing and I have always felt that we are a very lucky generataion that we have seen so many changes and modernization/globalization in India. Our age group folks in US/UK were born in a developed country...but we have seen things change with our eyes and experience them here. Isnt that wow!

Vikas Chandra said...

@maria: first of all thanx for reading it..i already got few bad words abt this post..

anyways, its very true that wat we run away from become our fondest memories..

we r seeing the change and in some way we r the change...and thats really wow!

swati said...

one thing i admire about most of your posts is the innocence..n that is the main essence of each of your post..
Kudos to you for bringing this topic forward..
"Innocence personified"
and yes there are miles to go..
tussi toh chaa gaye :P

Vishal said...

I identify with your feelings. My mom's village gets 4 hrs of electricity in one week and has seen no development since decades, India is changing but only in cities!

The small girl is the harbor of hope, for me, you and all of us. You are very right...there are miles to go, lot many!

Solitary Reaper said...

VC..your post reminds me of my village..I wish to go there and spend some time..a nice post that touches everypne in a subtle manner..

Vikas Chandra said...


@vishal:no man, i believe things are getting better at other places too apart from cities.

@dubey:thanx buddy