Monday, September 7, 2009

I can't write about.....

hi guys,
I came here to write and this time I m not drunk. So if I suck ,I am to be blamed unlike the last post where the advising lady stole all the limelight.

I thought a lot about wat topic to write on. I can't write like those people who have been tagged and then they write the whole post about two things they hate most or five things they can't live without or their latest crush. I m sure you won't read that even if I try to.
I can't even write any fiction about how a guy danced around the trees and went on to woo his girl. I am no writer and you know that.
I can't even write about why Kashmir should not be an independent country or why Sensex would reach 25,000 in Mar 2011 or why Rafael Nadal is better than Roger Federer. I have opinions on each and everything u discuss but I can't convince how my opinion is better than yours.

Instead, I will write about people I encounter and how random they can get. How they leave you amazed,dazzled,dumbstruck etc. There was this guy in my college who saw this recharge coupon 16 digit number and memorized it in a glance. Then this guy who played awsome guitar with all our college girls surrounded to him(though jealous feeling was more than of enamoured one).

But people who amaze me the most are writers.For example I read some blogs and feel quite dumbstruck. There are many I connect and say it loud that I feel the same but I can't write the same. There are many I donot connect but feel drowned into wat they write.

But I am a strong votary of this opinion that-each guy in this earth is special and unique.

PS: I put both my blogs for ratings and the result came as follows's-6/10
I felt


thakur said...

drunk or not VC always rocks :-)
B T W today I came to know that I am unique..................

Vikas Chandra said...

thanx thakuraa...
love u man!

bondgal_rulz said...

Excuse me !! And what about girls??? :P :D :D lol

Couldn't agree more with that last thought. :)

And your blog is rated higher than this one. Should check it out. :)


mikimbizi said...

You don't need booze to get you grey cells jingling.
Since you are bent on taking my crappy advices seriously, next time try doping before writing, the starry leaves works wonders and open new doors .. ah.

Tanu Gupta said...

Seriously... kaash tum writer hote :P

swati said...

yes n what about girls?? :P
n i completely second you on last para..few write ups on certain blogs leaves me speechless at times..
oye rating shating ki ki zarurat hai??sab changaa hi likhte ho tussi :P

swati said...

inna vadda sahi hai ya aur vadda karu :P

Vikas Chandra said...

@bondgal: yaar guys matlab sab log.even girls bhi.

@mikim: oh now i shud dope n write.wud try it for sure. but i m so out of senses then that i m not sure wat crap will i end up with

@Tanu: Hehe compliment hai ya comment?

Ved said...

dude, u rock whether ur drunk or not..

Vikas Chandra said...

@ved: u know that i dont drink...hehe