Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Of forks,knives and spoons

on public demand I write this...
If I suck then curse this lady who said "we write our best wen we r drunk"

Anyways my mind has loads of things running in a perfect cocktail..U know i don't like cocktails.why do they mix up things. its like those remixes songs I can't bear.

You know my life has been full of culture shocks. And nostalgia peeping in me is pushing me to write abt that.

When I entered boarding school and begun to learn the culture of forks,knives and spoons.The story ahead is about my lyf then. The year 1993.

->The first word I heard in the school was "Pin-drop-Silence". A teacher shouted it at all of us and then there was sudden whole lot of lull.Think of a guy who came from a hindi medium school and has to connect first three words like pin, drop and silence in a hard core english medium school.

->mathematical tables were so hard to learn.specially the eighteen and the seventeen. And the recitation is even more stupid. eighteen-eight-zaa-one-hundred-forty-four and it goes on. Standing out of the maths class in Class 3 was a common phenomenon then.

->We wrote letters to our home. We had a period dedicated to letter writing.Every letter was same except in the last where we had to send regards to our elders and in the youngsters part we filled in the name of our sisters,brothers and cousins.But all parents thought it as a truly customized letter instead of a mass-production one!

->Last the concept of how a child is born was so puzzling to us. We had all ideas borrowed from movies. It began that when the actor kisses the actress the child is born. Then it went on to mere sleeping. Then further on and on. Then the seniors tell u the truth. Lastly the biology teacher puts a seal on the puzzle.
I felt


Ved said...

nice one dude!!

thakur said...

you are very fond of talking about your boarding school days.....all of us are.....but the spice added binds listeners.....nobody else can do that
......I think the lady was right.....keep drinking like this always :-)

Vikas Chandra said...

@Ved: I like ur one line praises like "nice one" or "wasn't that nice".
Truly motivating.

@thakur:the lady is always right.I just wrote it.

M@ria said...

Ah! this bought back so many memories of school days..but i have to agree on the mathematical tables (pahada :) bit...i mean why was i supposed to know the 17 table by heart?? Didn't they know we hav calcs? Why torture, why? My mom still says i used to sleep talk...recite the damn tables while sleeping..imagine!

M@ria said...

arey haan ur title reminds me of something - i studied at a premier 'snooty' type college in Delhi Univ and in the canteen i remember we were served samosas always with shining knife and fork....and everybody there used to eat it with that dam thing...I was like - who the hell eats samosa with a fork man!! and well if u were not using the fork and knife for that dam samosa u were soo to be avoided and not cooollll!!!

mikimbizi said...

ah.. i was right for a change.

quaintkal said... yet to do writing when am drunk! shud try it once though after gettin inspired by you!
good try!
n with that title, i was expecting little more elaboration on 'forks, knives n spoons' cos am still pretty much ill-at-ease when it comes to using those even after so many years :(

swati said...

aww..tat was lovely!! :)

Abhishek Choudhary said...

"awesum" is d word..!!

Vikas Chandra said...

@m@ria:he he...seems tere pahaade must honge..after that sleep talk.
samosa with a fork...hahaha

@mikim:u were always right..thats why u get hate mails.

@quaintkal:sabse pahle u have a strange name(quaintkal).dont try it.The first tym I drank and wrote I ended up calling people dogs and bitches.
About the fork and knife thing.I will b the last guy who can help u with that.

@swati:thoda bada bada comment karo yaar..accha lagta hai.

@abhishek: "thanku" is the word!

bondgal_rulz said...

So the lady can relax. She is not getting cursed for sure. :)

:O :O @ the mass produced letters. What a shame....

And ROFL at te last point. I think everyone in our country goes through the same process. :D

Now, I too am tempted to write after downing a shot or two. Wonder what I'll write about..he he..