Friday, August 21, 2009

Its not just a biography

I am not good in English because I was born in a small town in Bihar. My parents could not afford to send me outside my hometown(read:homevillage) to pursue my education.But I have learned the mathematical tables from 1 to 20 very well. Probably that is the only thing I know fully by heart, apart from The Hanumaan Chaalisa(the forty lines prose sung in praise of Lord Hanuman).

But you know I like the English language very much. I don't know all of the Hindi alphabets(they are too many of them) but I remember all twenty six of the English ones and also one word each alphabet like A for apple and X for X-mas.

There is one neighbour of mine-very smart guy. He studied in a convent school in Dehradun. You know he recently married a girl who is not even of his caste. The girl came to our village last week. She is so-very good looking and I am also sure that one day when I learn English and talk English I will get a good girl.I tried talking to her and she was so good mannered. But all the old women(grannies of our village) gossip ill about her which I don't like.

Anyways, once my craving to learn the English language went beyond limits that I asked our landlord's son to bring some English movie cassette.But to my dismay the movie was a cheap one and I overheard- they call it a blue movie. Its one bad things about English-speaking people that they promote public display of affection far beyond extent. I don't like it.

Yesterday I asked my teacher the ways to improve English. He said to read English newspapers. So I bought this "Times of India". Yes even my village has accessibility to Times of India. Every news I read was either of rape or eve-teasing or "Kareena Kapoor-looking-hot" or "some gay parade". I didn't enjoy it.

I will talk about my dream. I dream of being a teacher. An English teacher. I will teach them English literature and English poems. Poetry fascinates me a lot.I will shape the young minds of my students like my next door neighbour(the potter) makes pottery from that raw earth.

Anyways I talk a lot. I better sleep as I have to wake up early and bathe some buffalos. May Lord Hanuman bless you all!!
I felt


Zlaek said...

what was this?

Vikas Chandra said...

@Chinmayee: It was dark. It was unexpected. It was stark reality. It was different. Wasn't it?

bondgal_rulz said...

Ah! Dreams. Of a nation longing to live the dreams of another.

Came here through Chinmayee's blog.


Zlaek said...

@ vikas

hatt! it was none of that, its an insult to your previous posts saale.

swati said...

loved the innocence in ur post..
and the profile pic is very catchy..i liked it too!!
God Bless!

Vikas Chandra said...

@Chinmayee: Bas kar ab. I know u didn't like it.

@Swati: The admiration is mutual ma'am.

M@ria said...

True..represents a slice out of a dream of young India in many many small town and villages

Vikas Chandra said...

@Maria: Ya its more of a dream...that makes it special..actually i met many of such i cud write abt it easily.

Ved said...

dis is just awesome...i think ur writing ur best posts!!

Abhishek Choudhary said...

it ws really different

Vikas Chandra said...

@ved:thanx dude...u r the only one who watched me grow as a blogger.

@abhishek: ya, it was some liked it.some did not.

Shalini said...

A truthful parody... :) stark reality indeed!