Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Bullshit.

The one you love never loves you and the one who loves you you cannot love.Yes,Murphy has a true exponent in me.

Concept of love at first sight is crap.. I really fall for it everytime I travel by the Delhi bus Number 100.

There are people who read my blog's every post and every time their compliment goes like "I wasted my time". They r gonna read this one also.

There was one who read my blog and said " It is like Final Destination. The first parts were gud but the later parts we cud predict wats coming. hence i stopped reading." Dude, I know u wanted a mention in my coveted blog.You deserve it,Firaq!

The days I miss the most of my college was when we played soccer on the roof top in the rain. We used to wait for rain and ever always getting drenched in the rain has been slice of lyf to me.

When MJ died I felt the death of a connecting link.I was always mesmerized by the song "Heal the World" and I danced on the song dangerous on the stage in class 8th. One of the first music stars I ever adored. My very beginning of English music was gone and dead. Thats when I felt this pang.

Last times I went to the beach my slippers fell into the sea. But the sea returned it. My cell also fell into the sea. Sea returned it too.

PS: There is a post script to all the stories and trust me its the best part of the story. Though I was into deep sea dropping things into the sea fully sloshed on frenship day, the very concept of friendship is pious to me. I have been gifted with best fens around. This post if for u guys who taught me to smile watever be it.
I felt


mikimbizi said...

The fact that they still read it shows how much they are hooked to it :)
I take back what I said about Shobha De, just read her blog and became a big fan of her writings. Its those novels that blinded me :(

Vikas Chandra said...

@mikim: Ya they read my blog. they r hooked to it. they expect out of it and hence they crib.

I m happy Shobha De enthused U.