Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Of fools and rats!!

Dear Reader,

Suddenly I feel I have too much of mental energy so I want it to drain that out. So I opted to write.Wow, wat a foolish utilization of extra energy.Obviously I know u wont go thru whole of wat I write. But think again do I care for u?

Anyways I dont have distinct topics to write about.I will talk of random things .Of fools and rats.Of money.Of pretense.Of people and at last of celebration of death.

Lemme begin with fools. They are in abundance, they are like rats.I dont like rats but most of the time I end up being one. I donno but I cant avoid being one. The rats wanted to be in the IITs, I too. The rats wanted to be in IIMs I too.I am a bigger rat I achieved wat I wanted. But now I dunno wat I want to be, but for sure rest of the rats want to earn money.

Off late people around me think that either I m always on weeds or I am in love with some girl who is a philosophy major or I am not getting proper sleep or I am faking 2 b somebody. Neither of them is true. They say this bcoz of the weird way I talk which confuses them. One of them even said that if I continue this way I will end up giving a quote of the millennium or century or even beyond.

Suddenly I picked up an ill feeling against piracy.Against pirated books, against pirated movies, against pirated music. I removed listening to music as a hobby from my resume because it has ceased to be a hobby. Its so easily available. Where is the scarcity and the marginal utility in listening to music? U get it for free.The value attached is gone. I am too selfish to care about those who dig music and the lesser revenue they get due to piracy. But ya for myself ,I am against piracy.

People are the most interesting things to me. The more complex ,the more interesting. I told you earlier that I like things I dont have or I dont am. I like artists of all forms-writers,dramatists,playwrights,musicians, choreographers.Many a times I feel I fight against them and U fight only against people who are superior to you. About the inferiors, you just beat them,no real fight's involved.

I had this dream where I was dancing around one dead corpse. I tried to refrain myself from doing so. But I danced so well that people around me forgot all the mourning and danced with me. Then Goddess(God to me is a female) came to me and says "This is the best thing you ever did, you celebrated the ultimate truth in the world-u celebrated death my son". Completely Weird naa.

Anyways now that all the energy I was brimming with is gone. I feel better.

For those who have read this far I pity you!

I felt


Anonymous said...

holden claudfiield :P

Tanu Gupta said...

i feel i am not competent enough to comment on your blogs now... they are good, great mixture of thought, sarcasm and unique perception to things...

Shubhendu Bhardwaj said...

random thoughts are making a good combo- very unique kina of blog. u might pity me but I am glad that I read to the end...
.. but I am also left with the same quetion why did i read it ..

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

u r a fool. did ny1 ever tell u that u make others feel like a fool 2?
lol. dun mind. :P

Vikas Chandra said...

@ivy: everyone has a Holden within oneself.Look inside u.

@Tanu: No please don't do that. U dunno how much motivation I draw from your comments.

@Shubh:I do pity u. but at the same time really thank u for reading it.

@Scarlet:I am a fool I knew that. But I make others feel like a fool too, I doubt.

quaintkal said...

u can pity us as much as u'd like to..but m glad abt d part where u say 'people remain the most interesting of things to u'! ;)

Pranali Sherkar said...

I liked it, but the last sentence forced me to tick mark on the 'pissed of' option.. :D

Vikas Chandra said...

@quaintkal: Most of the people dont like the "pity u" part of this post. But they like rest of it all. Anyways thanx for watever u liked.

@Pranali: I am so sad in pissing off people. But thanx for being so honest here.