Thursday, July 2, 2009

The teacher

I was rummaging through my closet.
Then I found this note.
about 16 years old.

This note is about Ma'am Bhatia
My class teacher then.
It says

When I grow up
I would like to be you ma'am
A teacher.
I would also give some one
an expensive fountain pen
when his hand-writing is bad.
I would also give sweets to my children
when they spell the word bureaucracy right.
And when its their last day
I will bless them and say
Go, never ever die for a cause, just live for it.

PS: Ma'am Bhatia was my first class teacher at Oak Grove,Mussoorie. She practically taught me everything from being nice to all to the mathematics-table-of-nineteen. I owe a lot to her and she was one of the most inspirational women I ever met.
Truly a bad teacher complains, a good teacher explains and the best teacher inspires.
I felt