Monday, June 20, 2011

The Rain and the ambulance

If only I wish I could explain you how much of an antidote to everything miserable is getting drenched in this constant, unabashed rain which is lashing out in front of me on this Marine Drive street. Suddenly everything has turned so beautiful.
The designer dogs are also getting drenched in the rain and their euphoria could be seen with that fast wagging of their jazzy tails. Old men seem to smile remembering their young days and trying to re-live it through the wonderful rainy memories. But amongst it all the eye candy right now is the made-for-each-other type looking couple sitting in the rain and sharing that smoke with their wet lips. Please don't pester me by asking what makes them look made-for-each-other types. And to tell u amongst it all, the most majestic look is that of this mystic, enchanting sea.Its huge and behemoth changing colors, playing hide and seek. I just sit and wonder and crave that it must drizzle at the evening after office too so that I would go and drench myself out of this mundane life.

I donno whether God has plans for everyone but on that Ganesh Visarjan day, I was appalled by what I saw. The crowd was dancing and the mob seemed all hallucinated. There was this huge idol of Lord Ganesha to be submerged in the Arabian Sea. But behind this mob was an ambulance with the blue light on the top and that large screeching sound which went unnoticed. People were all merry and inebriated dancing to the dhol. The sound of the dhol was much more reverberating in the air than the ambulance's. The ambulance driver tried to scheme through the crowd and the idols but all was going in vain. I wonder whether Lord Ganesha really blessed that soul in the ambulance..
I felt


Ravi Bansal said...

Liked the phrase "drench myself out of this mundane life".

Vikas Chandra said...

@Bansal: Even I realised it now after u mentioned that the phrase has come out well..
An icon like u commenting on my blog is always a pleasure.