Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How I ate my first egg.

This story is of the year 1993. When I, a small town Brahmin Bihari guy had just made a foray into an English medium boarding school in the elite hills of Mussoorie. I was not good in English, specially the verbal part. When people used to speak in English I used to translate it to Hindi and then think the answer to it in Hindi and then translate it back to English. It was a lengthy process and a confidence-lowering one. I had this huge fear of being laughed at because of my wrong Bihari-accented English.

I felt so out of place and so scared. It was a school where all teachers spoke in English and few of them were heavily accented.
When my dad dropped me on my first day of school, he gave me a golden advice. He said- "Son, if you dont understand any instruction, just do wat the majority of people are doing".

So when I went for my first breakfast, the teacher-in-charge shouted in her heavily accented English "Vegeterians in this queue, non-vegetarians in the other queue". I was like i-donno-wat-the-fuck-she-means(but in hindi). And then I applied my dad's mantra and stood in a line where majority stood. Finally I found myself sitting on the table with two eggs in a plate. I was like shit-no, this is so anti-religion(god wud punish me) but then I was so ashamed to explain to madam in english the reasons why I could not eat it. So I asked for mercy from god in my own way and gulped an egg.
But then wen I ate it I was amazed and found it to be tasty. I was missing such a tasty item because of my religion.

Vegetarians eat their first non vegetarian food because of many reasons. I know of many guys eating it because they find it difficult to lose a girl for not eating an egg. But mine is so memorable.

PS: If you like the story, give the credit to Chinmayee because it was she who asked me to blog it after I narrated it to her over three mundane glasses of lemon ice tea.
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bondgal_rulz said...

Lol!! If this is what lemon ice tea does to you, I wonder what happens after ahem ahem :P :P

Cute post btw. Me is a shudh shakahari (have had non-veg galti se twice though).

But guys becoming non vegs for the fear of losing a girl?? ROFL!!

And in case Chinmayee is reading this - Hi! :)


nP said...

thank you Chinmayee !

thakur said...

i never touched egg before is it really tasty?

mikimbizi said...

Muuaah to Chinmayee.

And ice tea? yuk.

Vikas Chandra said...

@isha: Well I m not typically an ice tea person, I m more of a beer guy and much more stories churn out after that.

@nP: if its gud then she really deserves it

@thakur: Never even touch it. Its not tasty.

@mikim: Hahahaa, so ice tea got highlighted!

Zlaek said...

Hahaha. Thanks for the free publicity.

Others - I was in splits when he narrated this to me. Its a lot funnier.

Jeena, when are you coming to Bombay? :D

Bondgal/Isha, please give me your email id; I really, really want to catch up with you!


Zlaek said...

And lemon iced tea is GOOD.
Looks like beer near the end

mikimbizi said...

@Chinmayee: aieee... dont compare beer to ice tea! its sacrilege!

I will come end of this year, making plans already. :)

bondgal_rulz said...

@Chinmayee - Hey!! I would love that!! Here are my email ids :D

:) :)

quaintkal said...

hahaha..amusing indeed! thank you chinmayee and you for sharing! :D

and "guys becoming non-vegetarians for the fear of losing a girl"??? Really!