Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The four fables.

He had quit smoking, long back. Love had made him do so, atleast he thought that way. Love makes people do ridiculous, crazy, beautiful things. There was a time he could do anything for her. She just asked him once to quit smoking and he did it. That was not the toughest thing he had done for her because letting-her-go was the toughest.

They were a bunch of thirteen people. Out of the world. Engineers. They were not like usual engineers like those who spend half of the time on facebook or orkut. They preferred playing football on the rooftop of their hostel in the rain or volleyball in the mud. They were so much of a great company to each other that they did not miss a thing. Time passed and then they had to leave. Now they face the hardships through the memories, the photographs and the songs they sang together.

He loves the open sky. The free air, how much polluted it may be. He often sneaks out of his office and goes to the beach nearby and watches the excitement on the face of the tourists catching the memory in a camera. He was not a tourist to Bombay but he loved observing the zeal on the first timers.
He even stole the keys to the rooftop where the Society he lives in has made it forbidden to go. He sneaks in the rooftop and watches the stars. Star gazing had always been his favourite hobby.

So the new year had come and he was still wallowing in the last one. Only the calendar had changed? But with each day he was more in love with the city he lived in. In his ipod played the song by U2 "You love this town...Even if that doesn't ring true...You've been all over...And it's been all over you"- Beautiful Day.
PS: This post is dedicated to Anurag Lal Sinha, one of the 13 engineers mentioned in the post.
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Anonymous said...

lal would neva let her go until his last breath, atleast that what he told me

Sanjeev Kumar Dangi said...

I think this is one of the best post from you.

Keep writing.

Vikas Chandra said...

@anonymous: Hu r u? Where does Lal letting her go come in the picture?

@Dangi: Thanks bhai. I do miss the volleyball in the mud, we used to play.

khush said...

Good writing..

swati said...

I liked the honesty in the post and the tittle offcourse..Simple yet beautiful..Keep up the good work VC..some day u'll become a fine blessings are with you..

nP said...

nice & warm.

bondgal_rulz said...

personal touches, eh?

Vikas Chandra said...

@khush: Thanks,albeit we have already discussed this separately.

@Swati: I guess I am already a fine writer even before your blessings :P

@nP: I am glad u read it.

@isha: yeah, the personal touches!