Sunday, January 16, 2011

A hell of a random night.

He had got high on an illegal substance and later went to Colaba to have a brownie at Theobroma. There,a certain conversation between two girls struck in his ears.
Girl 1: "You know Divya there are 1000 guys for every 933 girls in India. Bullshit. No?"
Girl 2: "Ha ha where did u get this from? I am sure ki tere liye koi nahi hai..Vodka kam pad gayi kya? "

The dope reduced his shyness and he went onto striking a conversation with the two
"Hi, perhaps I am one of those 67 guys, one of u were talking about for whom there is no girl"

He joined the two and then they ended up listening to each other's life stories.

All three spoke and spoke and he realised how similar each and every person of his generation was. They all talked about the same facebook, twitter, Coke Studio, movies, books, city life and etcetra.

He realised that he was the one who was talking most on the table. They all listened to him. He was a great story teller. They all loved the concept that he had lived on his own since he was eight. He had been independent, he took all his decisions.

He loved the idea that the two were jovial, outgoing, random girls ,similarly goofed-up and messed-up in their own ways.

They left Theobroma and entered Tantra T-shirt shop and the 2 girls chose a T-shirt each for him. Divya chose him a Bob Dylan T-shirt while Vidushi gave him T-shirt with a fancy Indian tr-color in it. He paid happily for the two T-shirt.

Then they headed for Marine Drive, where they sat for hours and talked about how stupid all three were. The common thing between them was they believed that self depreciationg jokes were the best kind of jokes. They laughed on each other's stories. They competed who was the most stupid of the three. They talked about their own embarrassments. Inebriation helped them talk freely. They talked about how they had ended up loving and losing. How the universe is so indifferent. One point they all agreed was that like pain, stupidity can also not be compared.Out of the blue one of the girls cracked this:
"Zindagi ek Chahat ka silsila hai,
Koi mil Jata hai koi bichhad jaata hai,
Jise Maangte hai hum duao mein,
Wo kisi aur ko bina maange mil jata hai."

The rest two clapped and she giggled.

Later the same girl also played on her mobile phone a song from Coke Studio " Chal dil mere". The three sang in unison with the mobile speaker.

They talked and talked and realised it was dawn. And then they watched participants and onlookeers for Mumbai Marathon gathering up. All three wondered what the people were running for. Fitness, peace,love,solidarity, showbiz?

Finally he left for Churchgate station and the other two for VT station but all agreeing to the point that it had been a hell of a random night.

Please excuse the sorry state of story-telling of this post because it has been hampered by the sleepless night the blogger had.
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bondgal_rulz said...

Have more sleepless nights. They seem to be doing wonders for you. :P

THIS is what I love about Mumbai. Can't even imagine of striking a conversation up with someone random in Delhi. :\

V. E. D. said...

awesome man..u always rock dude... def one of ur best posts :D

dream weaver said...

see now there u hit the pulse , u just leave us wondering who the hell are u and why this random night which many of the people aspire and supposedly deserve has to be yours

Is this true ? yeah I kno its best left unanswered

Vikas Chandra said...

@isha: hahaha, yeah Mumbai girls are much more open in that sense. But its too much of randomness here

@Ved: it one of the best?

@nihit: hahaha, yeah.its best left unanswered!

swati said...

A Good one again!just remember some RANDOM line from a poem
Thus much and more, and yet thou lov'st me not,
And never wilt, Love dwells not in our will..
Nor can I blame thee, though it be my lot,
To strongly, wrongly, vainly, love thee still.
One thing which is common amongst most of us here is "LOVE"

Vikas Chandra said...

@swati: Love is over hyped!
and thanks for the words good one again!