Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The valedictory post

Hi guys,

By the word guys I mean all of you (guys as well as girls). The world seems to be coming to an end and this might be my valedictory post. I really want the world to last longer so that all of you could fulfill all your dreams in your respective bucket lists.

I would just try to limit it here to few sentences.
If you are student, you r living your best life right now and I hope you are not wasting your time reading this post of mine. These are your last days of freedom before being thrown into the wheel of life to become another spoke, to be taken away to the distant land of sweat and the grind. Those days of hang-overs, watching sunrise before calling it a “night”, Sunset at 4 to Sunset at 11..I miss it and you would too.

If you work, I know each and every job sucks. But try to make the best of it. Dont carry the shitty work out to home. Enjoy. If in Mumbai, go and sit in the Marine Drive,its really beautiful. My three favourite places are Marine Drive (next to my office), Prithvi Theater and Andheri Sports Complex (both next to my house), u see none of them are bars or pubs.

Avoid falling in love, it comes with too many side effects. Coelho says it takes you either to heaven or to hell and he ain't any liar. Yeah experience of being in love is ok. But dont hang on. I mean dont 'fall'.

Lastly for all you gypsies, keep traveling. Be the incessant traveler. The best feeling is to be alone but not lonely. I donno but I prefer the trains. I love the glimpses of lit up bogeys, people playing cards, children wandering about. So many lives crossing my backyard every day and every night. Rich, poor, famous, oblivious of my existence, I of theirs. A mutual oblivion that can never be resolved.

Thats it. I will make this as my last post of 2010. A general one although. I am happy that this year is coming to an end. It was an year where my life changed to the maximum. I learnt most about life, the intricacies of it. All i know is growing up is no fun,man.

With love and wishing you a happy new year!

PS: Please do comment after reading this. Thats how I know that U read it and being read is obviously a nice feeling!
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mikimbizi said...

Guru... thanks for these remarkable pieces of advice.

You are amazing.

footprints said...

"The best feeling is to be alone but not lonely." you did the fill in the blanks between my mind and my hand.

swati said...

The transition from college life to work life is where the key life can never be compared to college life However it's your skills how you steal time from your working hours to execute your faulty plans to make your work life a bit exotic..
" u see none of them are bars or pubs" You are such a saint VC..aren't u?? grinss
Anyways wish u a Happy and Good 2011.
Keep smiling :-)

dipesh said...

vc u rock man as ever n believe me its been long to have heard smthing like this from u. its gr8!!!!!!!!

Vikas Chandra said...

@mikim: Were they remarkable? Am I amazing?
Lol! Thanks for the compliments.

@DK:I really did the 'fill in the blanks'. I hope you are also able to match your hand and mind and keep giving wonderful pieces to read.

@swati: I know I always behave well with u, after getting drunk. But u dont need to grin.

@Dipesh: Thanks. Though I always doubt your choice.

Shubhendu Bhardwaj said...

I wud say, u have written down most of all that I felt in Bangalore, I just hate that I never traveled much, I mean travelling just for travelling. I am glad that I never "fell" in love, but it has its own consequences, prices to pay.
best part "The best feeling is to be alone but not lonely"

Changing from student to a "man with job" is painful process. we have to change into "sophisticated" personality and lose our ingenuity for the sake of overrated "metropolitan" look. And worst part is I miss my naive and ingenious me, when I am again a student now.

Shubhendu Bhardwaj said...

BTW i forgot to write.. it was an amazing blog....

Zlaek said...

"I know each and every job sucks"

"Yeah experience of being in love is ok"

You really DO write nonchalantly...I love how appropriately you trivialize certain things and emphasize certain others. Chinmayee.

quaintkal said...

loved every bit of this post, VC :)
way too sleepy right now..will come back to this again for sure!

thakur said...

Hi Guys, by guys mean all guys and girls who have commented or will comment to this post(:-))............all these golden words hanged over inverted commas by you guys are already heard and understood by me as an advantage being a room partner of VC. what do I understood is that this post is a "say goodby to 2010" post by old and experienced VC to his kids.
I never being to sports complex but prithvi theater and marine drive are to places which can drop your beer can. The one coming with side effects is not love its lust "aur dono ke beech mein sirf ek dhage bhar ka farak hota hain bhiya" (omkara). Anyways I wish that I could write simple yet fertile like you. This post contain little negativity like something is lost but the idea is wonderfully put. I still find The "HAPPYDAYS" being the best post of yours.

Neighbour said...

hey, you write real well... if there were a fifth option which said "I could connect to that", I would have voted that...:)

Sushanta Dey said...

i notice that the nonchalant swagger of adolescence that u used to carry off so well is gone

bondgal_rulz said...

Yes, yes...thank you for all the gyan. :P

Marine Drive is without doubt the best ever...haven't been to Prithivi but I know I'll love it there :)

Happy 2011 VC :)


Vikas Chandra said...

@shubh: we all feel that way. Yaa so true the change from student to a job life is very tuff..The independence is curbed .specially I had a hard tym with so much going on such little tym..anyways i m happy 2010 is over.
@Zlaek: I am such a bad writer. but you ove it. Thats wat matters!
@quaintkal: I am still waiting for your come-back from that sleep.
@thakur: You r at so much advantage being my room partner
@neighbor: I wasted your tym making u read thru blogs while u shud have been working..anyways my blog is far more interesting than those License Agreements!
@Sushanta:best comment so far! u will get kicks for it..
@Isha: welcome to the free gyan. Hope u too have a great new year!