Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Three love stories

Three love stories
A: The guy
B: the girl

A loves B but B loves someone else because that someone else approached before and expressed his love..so just because now B loves that someone else..for no fault of his, A suffers

A loves B but does not tell her, waiting for the right time. B thinks A is just a friend rather a best friend. Someone else comes and wooes B. Who suffers-A.

A was a spoilt brat who changed for the girl B(love changes all u see) but B checks thru the history and hates this guy's past and shuts the door.


Anyways Mumbai is pinching me badly..Its suffocating me and I feel choked..
probably its not this place but when it comes to the dirty game of Heart vs Mind, I am the worst.

PS: I just felt like writing it and the stories have no resemblance to any real life characters.
PPS: I know its a sad, non-contextual post and that too after such a big pause.
I felt


Vishal said...

Sounds familiar

Vikas Chandra said...

@vishal: which part??

Maria said...

i know these stories...aise hi thodi na baal safed kar liye :)

tum toh corporate life chhodo...ur creative writing skills r itching to come out

mikimbizi said...

LOL. So this has something to do with the conversation a few days back? did u remember the flowers btw?

Anonymous said...

EXPRESS is what A should learn ! He is at fault :|

Vikas Chandra said...

@maria:waise corporate life chhodne ki zaroorat nahi padegi...they will fire me for sure..

@mikim: LOL...no no this is nothing to do with the conversation...that part is hail and hearty..

@pranali: A is always at fault..poor him.I will tell him to be expressive.

swati said...

waise who is this B??

Vikas Chandra said...

@as if u know the A

swati said...

you bugger!!