Saturday, July 31, 2010

Marine Drive

1. Well job sucks!!! I agree that you know all of this but it sucks more when the people you work along with are major psychos..Being a psycho is not wrong but man u gotta be aware that you are one psycho..Here people confirm from each other.. "Why are you laughing, you think I am mad?"

2. Have you ever thought why was Forrest Gump running all along the length and breadth for no reason?? Things like that are happening to me..I walk from one end of the Marine Drive to the other end for no reason...I just feel like walking...These days I return to the local train all drenched in rain but I cant help but walk..

3.Almost all of the couples sitting by the Marine Drive indulge in PDA's(Public Display of Affection) but the rest of them indulge in palmistry...A guy named John would try to locate the letter J in his girl's hands and show her the very reason of them sitting by the sea because the palmistry says so... I am sure that the loser John wud have located the alphabet in several other hands too..

4.Many a times I feel like renouncing watever little I have and going underground, untraceable...I wud like to sit in a train and run to an unknown direction.. far from this crowded city and selfish souls....(Sorry for the word selfish being used here)

5.Though I dont believe in the very idea of friendship day but yeah I have been bestowed with most lovely bunch of friends.. Though I dont have plenty of them but they are scattered all around the globe making me feel how big this world is...I miss them all the time..
Lives do change(and change it must) and U cant just sit and u cant just plainly live the tough life ahead thru those memories..They come handy when U feel alone and bogged down....It feels great to read thru those "I will always remember .." moments but life has to advance...U got to reach a stage where people are curious what went into making of U..

I felt


mikimbizi said...

Awwww. So sweet.

bondgal_rulz said...

Happy friendship's day to you VC! :) :P


Vishal said...

Well..can't agree more wid the first point...and u know why :P
All of the 'K' knows about your global adventures :D

Vikas Chandra said...

@mikim ::hahahahaha.
wat did u find "awwww so sweet" here!

@isha: same to you dear

@vishal: hahahahahahaha


swati said...

one good post from you..thr is a lot more in life thn strolling from one end of marine drive to plzz..

Anonymous said...

nice bhai ... dint u try palmistry on someone's hands ?

Vikas Chandra said...

@swati: thanx if u found it good. i donno much abt lyf beyond strolling from one end to another. and I feel like doing it.

@anynomous: hahahaha so far not..but I wud not waste time in palmistry..there r better things to do..i m sure u understand!!
anyways i wud have loved had u revealed your identity!