Friday, May 14, 2010

Mumbai opined

Its been 10 days in Mumbai and I donno how much damage has it done to my creative skills (assuming it existed).

Well this post wud b just my honest opinion on this city which probably deserves the share of the hype it gets..

Bombay is exhilarating, smelly, crowded and dirty yet it is beautiful, formidable, honest, peppy and extremely fair. Bombay never lets the lonely down. The loneliness is always ephemeral and then the crowd takes over. This city exists to take away as much it exists to give.

I donno if i m being too early to judge this city.

Anyways the places I have been here have been an amalgamation of hard rock, lust, sea, speed, crime, tequila and much more.

I rate lust above all because I went to a dance bar where I saw men lusting on the bar girls sipping that costly alcohol and showering the pretty girls with that black money of theirs with the background playing those cheap bollywood tracks.

Next was crime because the Mumbai Police made me visit three police stations(Lamington Road, Mumbai Central and finally Churchgate) to get an FIR done over a lost blackberry of my friend. I nearly fought with the police officer over the fact that FIR can be noted at any place irrespective of the jurisdiction. But I fought less harder for the fear of being put behind the bars. Finally they all refused and I had to get that noted in Churchgate station.Luckily we found the cellphone back(although police had no role in it).

Hard rock came from hard rock cafe , sea from the marine drive(adjacent to my office), speed from the Go-karting this saturday and finally the tequila which made me have the worst hang-over this Monday. And yeah i had to leave the hall in between for the first movie I saw in Mumbai was pathetic. I wont say the name of the movie because Mr. Aditya Chopra may hunt me down for de-publicising his movie.

Anyways life in Mumbai goes on..for i am reminded of this ghazal which says
"kyon darein zindagi mein kya hoga
kuch na hoga toh tazurba hoga"

PS: keep looking for pics at pics are on the may arrive anytym soon.

PPS: I would like to thank Rachita Bansal for playing the Muse for this post
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thakur said...

I tend to avoid saying that you are not only one who is living here with all adverseries but this sentance "I wont say the name of the movie because Mr. Aditya Chopra may hunt me down for de-publicising his movie" made me say that..............mumbai rocks.........I have ravish and you here with me :-)

Vikas Chandra said...

@thakur : I am dreading with fear that u counting on me for your company in Mumbai..After that u dug into Ravish I guess its gonna b my turn..

bondgal_rulz said...

Ye hai Bombay meri jaan!!

Yeah, I prefer Bomaby to Mumbai.

Anonymous said...

Aye dil hai aasaa jeena yahan
Suno mister, suno bandhu, yeh hai Bombay meri jaan... :P