Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I am gonna write one of my craziest post I ever wrote. Out of all of you who try reading this, few will be able to comprehend, few will not be able to while rest will pretend to have understood it.

Anyways this is about a dead body lying around Mumbai local tracks ,from whose pockets there was one cellphone recovered. There were no contacts in that cell ..only one sent message and one received message.

The received message was "its lyrics"
The sent message was " what do u prefer in a song- its music or its lyrics?"

The reason for his death was obviously some paranormal activity...

Vikas Chandra

PS: In mumbai either u choose 2 b crazy or it makes u one.
PPS: If you read this, please comment.
I felt


just another girl... said...

ur crazier than the city. the city salutes u.

bondgal_rulz said...

How's it going there ???

Rikke said...

Vikas - Why the title?? And paranormal activity? Have you been watching "A Missed Call" too many times?...

Maria said...

Read it...dont know the background...dont know mumbai either...been there visiting for a day each time..and absolutely hated the stinky, filthy, sweaty city! Die hard dilli ki kudi!

Vikas Chandra said...

@sapna : i m just a poor hungry indian..nothing more

@isha: its fun here

@rikke: yeah now u see how crazy i have got

@maria: there is no background..he he... all those adjectives-stinky, filthy, sweaty!
thats wat all those hard core delhites say...unko dilli ke alaawa everywhere sux..
anyways i have no option but to defend my workplace

Anonymous said...


Enjoy the city, Mumbai is not as bad as it seems! ;)

mikimbizi said...

The absurdity reminds me of Etgar Keret's short stories.
The music or lyrics is a trick question, if he'd said music he'd have lived.

I am pretending to understand this.
Lucky u.

mad_mumbler said...

VC just pouring my little understanding of it...ignore if its too mawkish or overly discerned
I think the dead guy asked her beloved about what she liked about him- body, looks or soul. And depending on her answer he decided to present her what she liked :)
PS: I dont read Mills and Boons, but sometime macabrity too is tinged with frail and delicate colours :)