Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well wen I left college, the last hue and cry raised was abt testimonials..a section where we praise each other lavishly..wat was meant to be a true testimony of the time spent together turns out to b a collection of false praises..

Today wen I was quite down with the heat and a bit of nostalgia, I went thru them and was quite happy...people have written with such an effort and wow they played with the words so nicely..u really feel good after that.

Well while few of those lies really lifted my morale but some of those ended tickling me to the fullest..

Now I mention some of the hilarious parts ....

1. Vikas and me are brothers from different mothers. He is a real dude. He........( praise kar raha hai yeah gaali de raha hai)

2. Dude, u are an iconoclastic guy. You can drink loads of beers and talk endlessly. I will ......(i cant see any relationship here-iconoclastic and load of beers)

3. Wen other VCs stood for Victoria Cross, Vice Chancellor, Venture Capitalist, this guy meant something different....(wow this VC was Vikas Chandra)

4. When I think of this guy, he reminds me of Forrest Gump...(Forrest Gump???)


PS: Few of u guys who wrote it might end up reading this.So please don't have that double thought that u did a blunder by writing my testimonial on zamorin.
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DEXTER said...

man ... FORREST GUMP tht was really hilarious.... just ask him which trait of GUMP u resemble !

bondgal_rulz said...

:O :O

Gump??? Kaise????????? :O :O lol!!

And you talk??? Since when??? :P

mr. fantastic said...


Vikas Chandra said...

@bangali: even i dunno man

@isha: I donno since wen...i only blog

@praveen: same here

M@ria said...

ha ha ha Mr Gump...ur pals seem to be drunk while writing these testimonials...loll