Friday, April 2, 2010

In a bored state of mind

Pardon this post as its being written in a bored state of mind..

1. I took my cycle and crossed the river to come to a cyber cafe to write this post which i dunno will even be submitted or not.

2. Now I know the filmy side of me comes from my mom...wen i returned home after my MBA , my mom did an aarti (waali nautanki)...I asked "MOM WHY ALL THIS?".. my mom said " beta Jaya Bacchan did that to shahrukh in Kabhi-khushi-kabhi-gam after he returned home completing his MBA!!"

3. One of my frens found a girl on Orkut,saw her on a webcam, chatted to her for hours, talked to her on phone...later their kundalis matched and marriage fixed(I was invited too)..but the guy saw her first tym on the mandap(place of marriage) and then he whispered in my ears-" dude she is not the same webcam one" !!!!

4. One of the places where Indians are treated as heroes or superiors is Bhutan..I realized it wen I was in Thimpu's disco wen many girls wud come to our face( we were four of us) and start giggling and trying to initiate conversation..Finally one of us four was able to score!!Well me??
I am not interested!!!

5. Lastly wat is the full form of KKR?? They say KKR won...I am still not able to get wats that!!!
Shit before I cud get wat KKR was they say dada who is this dada??

I felt


mikimbizi said...

Great to see you back with such a hilarious post.
Point 3 is terrific. I wish I were at that wedding just to see the groom's face. hehhehe.

bondgal_rulz said...

@ #2 - Really???? That's so cute !!(and a little funny ofc!)

ROFLing @ point 3!!!!!! So was she better or worse? ;)

You have to cross the river to get to a cybre cafe??? :O :O :O

mr. fantastic said...

finally vC is back with a bash.....a good mixture of puns.....

Anonymous said...

#3 = really :O

I can understand ! :P

M@ria said...

DADA = Dumb And Dead Ape from Cal!
point 3 - webcam wala - u know Shoaib Akhter or what? His Ayesha story same to same na? World is wierd...really wierd!

Vikas Chandra said...

@mikim: he he groom was all red and so confused... i told him to accept watever he was getting after all email id was hers

@isha :
@ point 3 she was definitely not that hot..
only a river but also dusty roads..its so filmy here

@praveen: bash?? thanx

@pathfinder: i m sure u can understand

@maria:DADA!!! i hope u dont have any bengalis around...

no no i dont know shoaib his story same?? wow coincidence..
and no way my story is inspired by mr Malik.