Thursday, February 18, 2010


'Swan Song'- He begs to differ. But yeah he agrees to the word 'sabbatical'. Sabbatical from the blogging world and he refuses to budge to all those sentimental and emotional run he had blogging on the link which meant contrary to wat he wrote.

He believes he is going to bombay. He will fall down the local train and people will trample all over him and hence he will end up writing even crazier blogs. He believes in a city where no one cares about anyone he will enjoy being in the 'womb of anonymity'.

The new life was there for him! With its multitude promises and scares in equal measures, he wondered what lied ahead.


So I guess I'll remain the same.
Gud Luck.
I am done.
I felt


mikimbizi said...

Admit it. I am your muse. # GRIN #

Vikas Chandra said...

@mikim: undoubtedly!


so mr. Vc is moving to mumbai.....???? sabbatical for how much time??