Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who will save Balbir Pasha?

Balbir Pasha the protagonist of our story was a perfect loner. He claimed to be a victim of this system. A system where he was forced to do wat the crowd wanted him to. He cribbed about being a rat in the rat-race.

Now what our Balbir Pasha does all the times is spectate, criticise and regret.Now some of the quotes direct from Balbir Pasha are:
How much so ever Barney Stenson says, I hate to wear suits.
If you are not the master of your destiny or the captain of your own soul, try alcohol.Its better late than never.
Grass on other side is marijuana
Hope is the most fooling word u guys heard of
Now u chase the money, later money will chase you but never you and the money will be together.

Blabir Pasha is now going thru a grind..Obviously for wat he shud have been than wat he is..

***The reader is free to interpret this classic piece of writing to watever (s)he wishes.
I felt


M@ria said...

What u doing studying management? try creative writing instead!

Vikas Chandra said...

@maria: U have been really motivating...and its true that I m the last guy made for management stuff..

mikimbizi said...

BABA...oh holy one! I am enlightened. Will keep in mind his precious words about money, booze and grass.

I have interpreted it! astounded by its immense profoundness heheheeee...

the satire !

M@ria said...

seriously..ur an artist dude! u do excellent photography and u can do wonderful creative writing!
U should give it a try! Par haan...beta engineer, doctor, mba nahi banega toh badi mushkil ho jayegi :)
sorry...just saw 3 idiots :)

Ved said...

yeps vikaso..i always said ur the best n i don't regret saying dat!!