Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A story: Madness of healing

Once upon a time, on a beautiful journey, I was passing through a dense forest, when I heard a sad sobbing sound of a crying woman. I followed that sad sound and finally saw a middle aged woman sitting and crying under a tree. She appeared to me as one of the saddest persons in this world but also her sad  tearful face was the most beautiful face I had ever seen in this world. Her face was angelic and truly heavenly and I was deeply mesmerised by her face which glew due to the sadness on it. The sadness in her heart made that ordinary woman glow like a Goddess. I could not resist but sit there and continuously look at her. The woman kept on crying and crying exhaustively. She even fainted crying. I ran to the nearby stream and brought water to sprinkle on her face and also offered her some to drink which she reluctantly obeyed.

She came back into senses and I could notice her beautiful and tired eyes. I tried to calm her but then out of anger, she shouted and asked me to just run away from her face. I  obeyed her and sat under the next tree and looking at the beautiful tree, a thought came to my mind. The trees are so selfless and giving in their nature. They continue to give shade and oxygen to human beings irrespective of who they are (even to the man who cuts their branches). Sitting under the tree, I started memorizing the tree: its leaves, its barks, the trunk, everything. It had a calming effect on me.

The sad woman sitting by the next tree fainted again. I obeyed my heart, ran to her and sprinkled some water at her face. After she woke up, I offered her some fruits which I had plucked on my way. She picked them from my hand and threw them away out of anger and asked me to just run away. I told her that I could not because I chased beauty and she (due to her extreme sorrow) was the most beautiful person I had ever met. She shouted at me that I was mad and that her husband and son had died in an accident and thus she was angry at God and crying. I told her that to me: she was my God and that her face was a God's face. She shouted again at me and even hit me and asked me to run away and not show my ugly face again. I humbly obeyed and left her and sat by the tree I had memorized so deeply.

The sad woman didn't stop crying and due to lack of energy, she fainted again. I got up, sprinkled water on her face and offered her water to drink. This time, my persistence worked and she drank some water. Her face was glowing with grief and anger and I was feeling blank by her beauty. She asked me as to why I was so kind to her to which I replied that I was not kind, I was just being spiritual and serving my God (that was her).  She shouted that I had lost my mind and I was mad. I laughed and offered her some fruits to eat. She took one and threw it far. I knew she (my God) was angry at her God.

As the time passed, she gave in to my spiritual persistence which she thought was very mad. She ate the fruits offered and drank water I had brought from the stream. She started gaining her energy back. Later, she gathered the energy to stand and walk up to the stream. After months of serving her, I left her affirming that life was back in her.

I continued on to my mad journey of chasing beauty....

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Aman Nanda said...

Beautiful and very touching. God bless !