Thursday, January 14, 2016

That joy..

That joy of writing
Your thoughts on paper
Thoughts taking shapes
Some circular, some linear
Some unfinished, some drunken
All perfectly moulded, elegantly jotted
Without that care of being misunderstood
Neglecting the imperfect vocabulary
Well, that joy of writing..

That joy of travelling
To the far distant land
Across smiles, across hidden forests
To everywhere and nowhere
That wind kissing your face
That sea wave caressing your feet
Starlit skies, rolling wheels
Well, that joy of traveling..

That joy of dreaming
Through time, through space
Through metaphors and ironies
All craziness and haziness
Dancing through the mess
Ignored corners and melting flakes
All magical and divine around
Well, that joy of dreaming..

That joy of loving
Unconditionally, without possibilities
Sparkling in that completeness
Moments of togetherness and timelessness
Transgressing all other joys
Well, that joy of loving..

That joy of living
Slowly, lightly
Humorously, purely
Well, that joy of living..
I felt


Minona said...

Your posts seem to come to me at the right time, always.
A pleasure reading you again, my teacher. You make me travel through your writting.

- Prakriti.

Pooja Pal said...

That joy of reading your post :) its like travelling with you in your writings. I truely loved it.

Mikimbizii said...

Keep flaneuring my friend :)