Sunday, November 10, 2013

World of unrequited loves

Dear students,

Imagine a world of unrequited loves. My sample size of today's discussion is the entire universe whosoever is capable of loving. But then today our lecture is about one of the most beautiful concept of "unfulfilled loves". We all love it.  Last evening, I screened for you the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona by Woody Allen in our auditorium . In the movie, Javier Bardem says "Maria Elena used to say that only unfulfilled love can be romantic". I saw the reaction in each of your faces and it was perfect. Half my job was done.

So now, imagine a world where 'A' loves 'B' but 'B' does not love 'A' and rather loves 'C'. 'C' loves 'D' and does not love 'B' back. And so on,.... 'Y' to 'Z' but not 'X'. 'Z' to 'A1' but not Y and so on.....I have bored you with alphabets but I have repeated it so many times that the concept is drilled in your head. And the introduction of A1 is to ensure that I have taken the entire population.

Now, try to enforce one of those characters on yourself. Let us assume that you are P25 in our sample size. You love P26 but P24 loves you.

So tell me, would our world not be awesome that way. We all try to find heroes in Romeo and heroines in Juliet. In our world, we all would be our own heroes and our own heroines. Living a heroic world, hahaha.

Remember I had told you once that there is merely bad luck in not being loved; there is misfortune in not loving. In our world, there would be no bad luck but above all no misfortune!

Now Prakriti, I know, you would ask me from your last row seat "Profesor, would there be marriages also in our imaginary world?". See, I saw that coming. I like the way how you add to my ideas from your backbench. But to answer your question, marriages have nothing to do with love. Marriage is altogether a different arrangement, probably to keep this world going. So marriages will be there in our world and few of them might be borne out of unrealized loves.

We will discuss later about marriage in detail. Marriage is a bit of permanent concept (altleast in most of the countries). And that permanence in the world has always had contrary charms for man. It drives him to both despair and hope. It never says but one thing: first it interests, then it bores and then it interests. But marriage always wins out by the dint of its obstinacy*. It is always right.

Anyways, we will do a brainstorming and attempt some roleplay on our concept in the next class. The groups have already been divided. So, just go back and think about this before you sleep tonight. And Prakriti, you are the only student who has not submitted your last assignment on "the state of zero"...

*Lines twisted and presented from Albert Camus' book

Dedicated to Albert Camus (7 November 1913 - 4 January 1960)
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Shadma Shaikh said...

I reread it.. Beautifully put up in words.
I could connect to the ideas here..
My favorite part.. permanence, leads to extremes of hope and despair.

Good job vC

mikimbizi said...

So extraordinary that I envy you... You have reached the pinnacle of perfect writing, perfect ideas, singularly beautiful human.

Sanjeev Kumar Dangi said...

Too good VC.