Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hiccups in love

Based on Plato's Symposium: "People were initially hermaphrodites until God split them in two, and now all our halves wander the world over seeking one another. Love is the longing for the half of ourselves we have lost...."

There was this friend of mine who was good looking, topper in the class, a great sportsman, an orator, a painter. We all envied him for we believed that God had given all talents to one single person.

But there was one minor defect he had. Whenever he saw a beautiful girl, he would start hiccuping infront of her. His hiccups would never stop and no water or no panacea could cure his disease. It was as if, God would have made a perfect human being but then later he decided to leave one imperfection in him. And that he hiccuped talking to a beautiful girl. Hiccups as heels for my Achilles friend.

He would approach a beautiful girl or a beautiful girl would approach him and then he would indulge in serious amorous talks. And amidst all seriousness of mutual attraction, he would release one blip of non serious hiccup. And then the girl would lose interest.

I even asked one of these girls that why was my friend being denied all the time, despite being a stud. And then she would reply, "Vikas, do you really think that we girls seek studness in love, we only solicit serious, incessant, unrelenting love".

Yes, now I remember once I had drunk lots of beer before giving a presentation for my strategy class during MBA. Initially I was doing well, shedding my inhibitions, describing strategic frameworks, talking more and more (although out of inebriation). The only success parameter in MBA is that you have to talk a lot and fake seriousness. But then, alas lots of beer comes with a side-effect. I burped. That typical beer burp.

Similarly, love has its similarity to MBA. That desire for uninterrupted seriousness. Alas, the curse of my extremely talented friend was proving detrimental in the world of love.

One day, he was passing through the city streets and on pillars, he noticed a poster which said, " CURE FOR THOSE WHO HICCUP WHILE TALKING TO A BEAUTIFUL GIRL. CALL 9811872714."

He was shocked at the exactness of time and the space coordinates of that poster. He immediately dialed the number and there was a beautiful girl's voice who received it. She asked him to come to his flat, giving him her address. When he met her, he realised that she too had the same disease. She hiccuped while talking to any handsome guy. They both talked and hiccuped and talked and hiccuped.

That's how they lived happily ever after.....

Based on Plato's Symposium, love is the longing for the half of ourselves we have lost.

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And then she cribbed some more... said...

Are you sure she was not a hooker????? :P

And then she cribbed some more... said...

Or is hiccup a euphemism for something ? Cause ahem u knw... the ending is jst whaAAAAtttttttttttt !!??

Shubhendu Bhardwaj said...

.. i guess the point is you dont have to fix the "hiccups" rather find someone who also has the same "hiccups".. :)

Minona said...

I was going to write something serious, then I saw the first comment xD