Saturday, July 16, 2011

Letter from Noida

Dear friend,

Now that I have reached your city, not specifically your city, but your ugly cousin named Noida, I am sure you would want to read about my experiences here. Well apart from food, friends and winter I have never liked Delhi much but thats ok because I haven't liked any city apart from Bombay. But then it had been too much of Bombay that the nomadic me needed to break free from it.

Here, I don't go out much, I haven't even taken a mobile number here. I don't even like going out here. I tried walking on these roads but I feel lonely. The roads are well built but there are no people but only cars. Thanks to the bundle of books I brought with me that I confine myself to it. I am reading a lot and also playing FIFA on my laptop a lot as well. In my constant attempt to stick to one-touch football, I still lose playing against the laptop.

About my new office, I told you I did not expect much from it. So I would not be able to tell you much about it except that I don't have to wear formals for 6 days any more. You know how much I hated those black shoes and those neatly ironed trousers.

I miss Bombay alot mostly when those auto waalas ask for the fare double the amount I last paid for the same route. I miss Bombay a lot when I feel claustrophobic in Delhi metro with nothing to do footboarding on. I miss khao gali which those bastards so gruesomely bombed. I miss marine drive the most because here after office I have nothing better to do than to return to the same room and go back to reading. Of course I can't go to those malls (which are in plenty here) and sit there and observe people getting a kick out of a 20% rebate on something when the shopkeeper is actually fooling them with a higher price tag.

I am still looking for a new place near my office to rent in. I will prefer living alone this time. I would like to keep my things my way. I will hang that big black and white Gateway of India framed poster on my wall. I will buy some more posters and hang it there.

Oh by the way I am reading English August and its real kick ass stuff. Its pampering me to the hilt.

With love,

Droll thing life is- that mysterious arrangement of merciless logic for a futile purpose. The most you can hope from it is some knowledge of yourself – that comes too late – a crop of unextinguishable regrets.
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Shubhendu Bhardwaj said...

I dont think anyone can like delhi (particularly Noida) after Mumbai .... good luck for ur life there

An Insipid writer said...

fuck Mumbai

Vikas Chandra said...

@shubh: no i guess its just the change..i will start liking the city perhaps..

@jimmy: hahahaha..u became a true nigerian?

mikimbizi said...

Those last lines in italics... kickass! English August... double kickass!

Next read Mammaries of a Welfare State.. its sick and wonderful.

I hate the peopleless, car infested Delhi too. And everyone is in bad temper always.

But the markets are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you did not call

Yuvika said...

no way - Noida is home :D. But apart from that highly biased statement - hope you settle down after you are done with all the teething troubles!

Vishal said...

Get over Mumbai..m sure u will