Saturday, August 28, 2010

A letter

Dear friend,

You always knew how ancient a person I was. In this era of mobile phones and e-mails, I indulge myself in letter writing and that too I am writing to you, you of all the people.

1. Well, its been 4 months in Mumbai and probably each day I learn a new lesson. Lessons about life, all the realities (cruelties) it carries along. Its been so much that at times I feel my mind will burst out.

2. You know , during my early days in Mumbai, while travelling in the local train, I used to clutch my wallet and keep it close to me. But now I don't care. Having lost so much here, I am not scared to lose anymore.

3. All the time, I wish to go underground. Its not just work alone. These wishes are an after-thought of many factors. Personal/ professional. Nothing wrong per say, but going underground would definitely help me get back to square one. But every time I want to go out of this city, things dont materialise. My boss cancels my leave and when I argue, he threatens to fire me.

4. Definitely.. I am looking for something I don't have. Sitting in my office I always wonder if the 4 yrs of engineering and 2 years of MBA was to end up as a clerk.I guess I am just an aimless meandering soul, confused like all others.

5. There is a window in my office. If I am not working, I stand there all the time. I get a view of the local trains, the cars running on the marine drive and the sea. It really helps- standing there. Sea changes its colors as per the sky and it gives a great feeling. The trains and the cars are also very relaxing. They signify that its very important in life to move on. Now I fully understand why they say that the greatest invention in man-kind was the wheel!!

I want to write so much. But I will have to restrain myself..I will wait for your reply and then further aware u of my life. btw I daily read your diary which u gifted to me. It gives me great courage and trust me now I understand the words better.

I felt


Anonymous said...

It is time to get married dost ! :)

Vikas Chandra said...

@pranali: ab kiski lyf barbaad karoon??

$$ said...

"its very important in life to move on" - how true!!
I loved the 5th point! It is lovely! :)

BTW, i loved ut collection of B&W pics too!