Sunday, October 12, 2014


“Three non-collinear points are enough to draw/define one and only one circle”

Point One
Let me introduce myself, I am a fool. I really really like this girl. We study in the same class and she asks lots and lots of questions, but only to this one professor.

Anyways, after much deliberation she agreed to give me a fair valuation, the valuation that I was capable of her. We went outside, I drank some beer and she some wine. I showed her my smart phone to which she was a bit impressed. Then I showed her pictures of another girl who was deeply in love with me. I described about how much this another girl had love me and all. But I did not love another girl, I loved the girl sitting in front. She saw the pictures with quiet and interesting look. Then she suddenly got up saying that that girl was much better than anyone I deserved. That was really a mean thing to say. How can I force myself to love someone? You can't force dude, love happens with the weirdest of people.

Point Two
Let me introduce myself, I am a teacher. I teach this crazy subject. Today, I gave my students this difficult question as group assignment. I am excited to read what they will write. The question goes like this:
“Mr. Mehta (A) chasing Miss Malini (B) and Miss Malini (B) chasing Mr. Mehta (A) for love was plotted graphically and in two dimensions, it was found to be a circle. At any given point in time, they both were always diametrically opposite to each other. If Mr. Mehta ran towards Miss Malini by some distance, Miss Malini also ran towards Mr. Mehta by the same distance. The displacement between A and B is always equal to the diameter of the circle while distance is always equal to the pie multiplied by the radius between them. Please find out the radius of the circle.”
I just want them to know through this assignment that a circle cannot be drawn with just 2 points (A and B).  A minimum of three points is a must.

Point Three
Let me introduce myself, I am the girl whom ‘the fool’ tried to impress and ‘the teacher’ gave the assignment to. There are a lot of guys who try to impress me. My whole cupboard is full of gifts, endless proposal letters which boost my confidence. But let me confide that someone I love is ‘the teacher’, I love him deeply. I am doing his assignment, struggling to find the radius of the circle with just two points (A and B) given. I will sit in the class tomorrow and I am sure that only guy getting the answer right would be that ‘fool’. ‘The fool’ is his favorite student. I am so jealous of ‘the fool’ and he is really obnoxiously bright. Anyways, I really want to find the radius of this circle for I can’t afford to get it wrong.

There are minimum three points needed to draw a circle. And three points are the girl, the fool and the teacher.  Draw a triangle with the corners plotted as the fool, the teacher and the girl. Now find the mid points of all the 3 sides of the triangle. Draw a perpendicular bisector of all 3 lines and the point where all 3 lines intersect is the center of our circle. The radius of the circle is the line joining the center of the circle to any corner of the triangle.
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shalini said...

A good one like Always. Cool mix of language and logic. This post proves Mathematics could be Fun !!!

Shubhendu Bhardwaj said...

I am hoping there is a deeper meaning of calculations shown at the end. I am not going to ask what it is, since that's what makes this post brilliant.

Reminds me of O' Henry's short stories, when you get towards the end your heart is racing for the moment when last line of the story makes all the sense.

Miki mbizii said...

You are just soaring... Love the way you put ideas and adore the new blog design <3