Thursday, April 10, 2014

Random Quests

1. Aren't we all traveling?

Aren't we all traveling even when we are sitting in this boring, mundane office with literally and metaphorically no view?
Traveling: traveling not in the dimensions of 'space' but traveling in the dimensions of 'time'. That travel whose ultimate 'space' coordinates is that coffin or that funeral pyre but the ultimate 'time' coordinates is that zilch, that zero, that nothing. One final day, your time would just stop.
So why are you not traveling like an ideal traveler should. Why carrying so much baggage to hold back your travel through time? That weight of sorrow, ambitions, faith, mediocrity, ego, noise, power, opinions and so much more.
Travel light like a butterfly, adding beauty around ,collecting only the nectar without harming the flower or its colour or the scent.
While there is enough social glamour already added on traveling through 'space' to the hills and the seas, let us try to travel through the time to the infinite destination of beauty..

2. Which sad are you?
Sadness has that power of making you feel alive and dead both at the same time. Well there is this 'good' sadness which makes you feel alive : the sadness of missing someone, the sadness caused by a sad song, sadness caused by the stumble just because you walked, sadness of losing because you loved, sadness of others because you empathised, sadness of falling because you flew..

But there is one 'bad' sadness: that rotten sadness of decaying out of doing things you don't want to do, that feeling of a caged worker and that the zoo management not treating you well, that of being denied very basic rights, that feeling of helplessness, that being an audience of parochialism..

Probably, our life is also becoming that victim of internal global warming as the sea of 'bad' sadness seems to be reclaiming the islands of 'good' sadness into extinction. Go, plant some trees deep within you..

Photograph location: Orccha
"The soul of a man has a slow and dark birth, more mysterious than the right of the body. When the soul of a man is born in this country there are nets flung at it to hold it back from flight. You talk to me nationality, language, religion. I shall to fly by those nets...."-Joyce
I felt


Geetanjali said...

BY good sadness you mean sadness of your kind :)
since you are always sad.
But what you calling sadness here is an emotion of compassion, perhaps.

Travelling we all are, not just in time but also from one level of maturity to the other, every single day through every single experience.

Minona said...

We're always travelling, and sometimes not even our bodies, but only our souls go to other places, into other's countries ... isn't that the way I found you, my dear teacher?

I'm sad, right now, in a good way, missing you, and that makes me appreciate even more each message you send, each picture, each song ...
kyunki tum hi ho :)

with love, Prakriti.