Saturday, February 8, 2014


Recruitment 1.

My friend was called for this interview and later he realised that the person taking the interview was fond of palmistry. To all the candidates, the interviewer would ask some random questions but select only after reading the fittest palm. For the first time, my friend said, that he appeared in an interview where the interviewer was dead sure of what he sought in a subordinate: a palm which had a great brain line and a bad luck line. For he would never choose a reportee under him who had risen on luck but only because he or she had brains. My desperate friend was selected and he even joined the company and now everyday he just curses his luck for reporting into such a boss...

Recruitment 2. 

When he met her for the first time, his hair nicely combed, for they checked on each other's compatibility as a husband and a wife. He asked her whether she would let him travel alone to his wild destinations. She replied that yes she would but only after he agreed to fulfill his one condition. And that he would bring her a gift from whichever place he visited. So that she could live her life away through the previous gift he had got her when he would be busy fetching her another gift in his wild journey. Pppphew! Of course, he did not marry her.

Recruitment 3.

Before Mr. Arvind Kejrival became the chief minister and after my last flatmate left, I had posted an ad for a new flatmate on facebook flatmate-seeking community. And via the same community, one fine guy had come to do a recce of the house and to interview me as his potential flatmate. He was wearing a cap which said "Main aam aadmi hoon (I am a common man!)". He started with first giving his marketing pitch that I seemed to be the right guy as I read books. I could bring about the change in the nation and this new Aam Aadmi Party had come which I could be a part of. "And in this very house", he repeated "and in this very house, would be born lot of ideas to kill corruption and make India a better place to live in". Then he asked me what did I feel about the Aam Aadmi Party to which I replied that I felt it was the new "Animal Farm" in making.
For both of us it was a win-win situation, as in this recruitment of a flatmate, not only I rejected him but he rejected me too....

Dedicated to immortal James Joyce who turned 132 lately. 
"She asked him why did he not write out his own thoughts. For what, he asked her, with careful scorn. To compete with phrasemongers, incapable of thinking consecutively for 60 seconds? To submit himself to the criticisms of an obtuse middle class which entrusted its morality to policemen and its fine arts to impresarios?"

I felt