Friday, October 25, 2013

The heartbreaker

There is a positioning of every person's life in this world. His positioning was that of a heartbreaker. He did that all the time- breaking hearts. He grew over women and they fell for him like a trap. They were aware that he was a heartbreaker but somehow falling for him was like some subliminal power act and as much inevitable like the birth and  the death. Hence the fall and the pain had to happen. He was a part of the most important learning in their lives. In short, he was not a heartbreaker but a prophet.

The transience of his every act and living-in-the-moment philosophy of his made him what he was. His heart did not lie at one single place. He was a traveler with only his journey being permanent. The journey of his love also had no destination. Like an ideal traveler , he always traveled light. No baggage except only the quintessentials. Hence he reached a place, treasured the sunset, grew over a woman with his charm and moved on carrying no baggage (feelings) but only the quintessential (nostalgia). In short, he was not a heartbreaker but a traveler.

He was not in the realm of happiness and sadness but only magic. Happiness and sadness are always outcomes of ambitions and goals. While magic is altogether a different dimension. When he talked to these women, their pupils would expand and shorten like a magic being run over them. They never listened to him with their hearts and minds but felt him with their spines. And then when he left, a part of them missed him but they were happy as they knew that he was but just a moment of an extraordinary energy which had grown over them. In short, he was not a heartbreaker but a magician!
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DEXTER said...

Sir an excellent post and i can totally relate to the above .... it is very real .... I hope its not ur life in a nonchalant version

Shubhendu Bhardwaj said...

its an outstanding expression of which we (or many of us) might have felt in their lives. Prophet, traveler and magician- what else a guy hope to be !!

i m amazed at the short and accurate delivery of post --

prolly simplicity is an absolute requirement for reaching hearts through words !!

mikimbizi said...

So incredible... what a journey!!

Minona said...

Beautiful, and very relatable to. At least as a woman I remembered and (felt again) the past stories those guys who try to steal our hearts but end up being a lesson in our lives However, I hope you're not like that, just like someone said :) you deserve better.

Shubhra... said...

Perspective!!! Good to see the other side of the story :)