Sunday, February 5, 2012

Random Letters

Dear men,

We all seek to have as many women as possible but in life it’s not a question of having the greatest number of women, because that’s too superficial a success. Rather it’s a question of cultivating one’s own demanding taste, because in it is mirrored the extent of one’s personal worth. Remember, my friend, that a real fisherman throws the little fish back into the water.

With love,


Dear women,

I always do this. In all my conversations with females,I always state that the world was coming to an end in December 2012 and thereafter loved the varied reactions on your sweet faces. Some of you state utter disappointment for world deserved to live beyond 2012, some get scared for your unfulfilled bucket list, some get happy for all their miseries would be over, some pity me for believing in such a non-sense, some buy it because u think that an IIM grad could never speak crap, some assume that coming from a Times of India employee it must be trashy. But even after all these experiments I can't break that stout wall of irrational feelings that, as is known, is the stuff of which your (female) soul is made.

With love,


Dear diary,
After watching Woody Allen’s Paris at Midnight today, I was talking to a friend about how stupidly materialistic the world has become and how the 60’s and 70’s era would have been perfect to live in. And then I went to this crowded place in Chandni Chowk to delve in nostalgia through ancient monuments and savour some good food. It was then that someone pick-pocketed my apple iTouch. It was a gift I had bought for myself from my first salary and on my 25th birthday. I am not sad about the loss of my materialistic iTouch but have not been able to recover from the loss of my belief that I lost things only when I am in love.

With love,


PS: Some lines in the post have been picked from Milan Kundera's Laughable Loves. Milan Kundera remains one of the most kickass authors I have read.
I felt


Vishal said...

The last line is very poignant

ivy ^_^ said...

hmm...losing your ipod is worst than losing your phone :( but just maybe losing things is life's way of telling us to let go...
Loved reading what you wrote. like always.

Anonymous said...


mikimbizi said...

And the moral of the story is....

Zlaek said...

some buy it cause they think an IIM grad could never talk crap hahahahaha

Vikas Chandra said...

@Vishal: haha I didnot intend it to be

@ivy: Its ok..I am used to losing now

@Pathfinder: :)

@mikim: u r the ONE

@Zlaek: hahahahaha

AnuragLS said...

"but have not been able to recover from the loss of my belief that I lost things only when I am in love."

brought about a genuine smile!!!

And then she cribbed some more... said...