Friday, February 25, 2011

Those great examination days..

Well if u r an engineer, u will value your examination days the most. The craziest things are done during these days. I used to love them for they were the most happening days of the academic life. Songs used to sound more melodious, food tastier, gossips more engrossing and playing games a luxury.

We were a bunch of 4-5 guys of electronics engineering who used to study together but only during the last night and just go and puke the over-night-learnt-knowledge on the answer sheet. Probably all engineers in India are made that way.

There was this Raghav Mathur who used to mug up everything he thought was important and even if the questions asked were different, he used to put everything he had mugged-up on paper. He used to take on extra sheets and extra sheets, and wrote some electronics crap on it. I am sure he used to pass just by boring the professor of the crap he wrote, but he ensured that all that was written was electronics and pertaining to the subject. Although he had failed in subjects like Digital Signal Processing where the professor used to ask one word answers and Raghav gave a crap of minimum 250 words.

Then there was this Siddharth Malviya, who used to get bored of studying the last night and quit mid way assuming that the next day some one will help him pass. We used to try and pass him answers but if not done, he used to fail and he was ready for it.He was also caught once exchanging calculators(answers written on it) with Nirbhay, who had never before cheated in his life. Siddharth had so many suppli-s to his credit. But if u think our Siddharth was any less smart, let me tell u he has just got a great percentile in CAT and has got calls from all the IIMs (rest process is awaited).

I would love to mention Shubhendu, whose xerox copies we used to mug up and later even approached him at last moments to tell us the last moment important questions.
I am sure even if we didnt learn electronics we learnt the art of risk taking.

We used to play cards during these times and promising each time that this is the last half hour of our playing cards. In the evenings we played volleyball, we played Counter Strike too and Fifa just half an hour before exams was considered to be a good omen.

I am sure we were not only the selected few, everyone does the same. Living on the edge thing. Each student has his/her own cool story about his/her exams. I just mentioned mine.
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khush said...

The best days of life...
Each one has his/her story of engineering ... life on edge is always life we live.

Names, subjects, characters, college, engg branches are different...but underlying story remains same with all..


bondgal_rulz said...

One-night stand with books. ;)

Vikas Chandra said...

@khush: true, those were the best days of our life..

@isha:lol.even sleep with books!

Ice Maiden said...

LOL! Counter Strike during exams!!!! Most of my exam memories are associated with that! :) It was my time-out from studies that werent even started :P hehe!

Tronix people were supposed to be the study-24/7/365-how-do-you-even-do-that???!!!!-people in my college :) While we Comps people just lazed around doing nothing. NOTHING. My class actually mass bunked an exam once... hahahahaha!!!! such wonderful memories, I could go on and on :)

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