Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Filthy Rich

Hi this is a summary of an autobiography from one of the "filthy rich" girls of Mumbai.

I am Ayesha, and my dad is a Managing Director of Ayesha Private Limited which he inherited from my grand dad and just changed the name by hiring some lawyers. I love to party, get drunk and just scream.

Yesterday, my uncle gifted me a Mercedes Car and I just imagined what if I was poor. I am sure a poor uncle's girl must be gifting her a Honda City. Oh how can one drive in that Honda City. Thank God, I am not poor.

You know, all my friends went for rafting and I had to paddle the raft and my arms started paining. So I asked all the guys to paddle for we girls. Isn't it cool?

Well I met this guy named Vikas while coming back from the rafting tour and he had a cheap Nokia phone and he said he had passed out from some IIM. I am sure he was lying and trying to impress me by his IIM bullshit. He should have hidden his cheap Nokia phone first.LOL.

I cant take movies like Blood Diamond and Hotel Rwanda. Its so gross. I start puking watching these Africans. Why can't all directors make movies like Mean Girls?

Hey u guys know- Hungry is name of a country!! Funny naa..

OK I will leave then. Need to get this pedicure thingy done. Have a party tonight and need to go shopping too. Such busy schedule.

I felt


GKK said...

lovely... so you wanna become that much richer :))

bondgal_rulz said...

Really now!!!?????

swati said...

me likey!!!...i know this gal...:P the one wid nahkras n jhatkas naa..

Vikas Chandra said...

@GKK: haha obviously I wanna b that rich!

@isha: kya hua tujhe??

@swati: yeah u know her..i always like such kinds...she happens to be my current crush kinda

Anonymous said...

I applaud GKK from the deep of my heart .. What a comment!...

Ved said...

haha..rocking one bro

Sameera said...

you there can be a boys version for this too.. filthy rich guys.. naah.. that would be uglier.