Friday, December 11, 2009

Its only for those who understand

She wrote with panache. All that anger in her, she penned it down with grace. The queen of satire. People read her ,loved her, and above all agreed to her.
But then all this came with some criticism. Anyways, that was a part of her work.

One day she met a guy. A guy who was unaware of the world. Always jovial. Carefree.
For her, it was love at first sight.
For him, he didnot care.

She approached him, but again he took her casually. She tried a lot to impress him. But then he didnot budge. Some people are not made for that love thingy,u know.

Her heart broke. She was angry and she wrote more about it. That was known as her best work. Uncriticised work.

Moral of the story: If someone broke your heart, write about it, It definitely helps!!!
I felt


praveen said...

Its bitter sooth of today's era man.... those who understand it, feel it is a real man...those who don't a great dolt.....

cool down bhaiya, i can understand that prolix.chanical

M@ria said...

hmmm...hope all is well as Amir Khan says :)

Vikas Chandra said...

@praveen: no one is a dolt.

@maria: All is well as Aamir Khan says.Only my camera charger got burnt in the short circuit and my hectic classes dont permit me to go to Bangalore to get it mended.

quaintkal said...

needed to read exactly smthng like this right now!

swati said...

Everyone understands..but those who pretend they dont,they actaully ignore and are indifferent towards others emotions..
Thoughtful post..
I am wondering how come ur thought process has started working so well :P
Take care!
Good day!

just another girl... said...


Ved said...

its so simple but effective!!

Vikas Chandra said...

@quaintkal: i cud read ur mind and wrote just wat u wanted

@swati: i really didnot put much thought into it.

@ivy: u liked it? wow

@ved:simple is always effective

bondgal_rulz said...

True! Couldn't agree more. :)